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Costa Coffee welcomes the new bamboo reusable cup, bottle and coasters

Costa Coffee

LONDON, UK – Costa Coffee, welcomes the new bamboo reusable cup, bottle and coasters to its reusable collection, along with a few on-the-go essentials for those travelling back to the office or simply enjoying a picnic outside with friends and family. The new range is available to purchase across Costa Coffee store nationwide from today, Thursday 9th September 2021.

Ideal for those busy coffee enthusiasts, say hello to the sleek new Bamboo Travel Cup and new Bamboo Travel bottle.

With its curved design, the new Bamboo Travel Cup is made of stainless steel with a sleek bamboo wrap. It has an easy-to-use opening on the lid that slides open, so drinking that morning Flat White or afternoon Americano while out and about has never been so easy.

The perfect addition to a collector’s trove, the new Bamboo Travel Bottle. Featuring bamboo on both the lid and the bottom of the bottle – with the body of the bottle made of glass. This new stylish addition comes with a woven leather handle attached to the lid to make sure movement of the cup is easy and secure.

Introducing the new Costa Coffee Bamboo Coasters

Whether you’re still working from home or have gone back to the office, the new Bamboo Coasters from Costa Coffee will make for a welcome addition to any desk set-up.

Featuring the signature Costa Coffee Three Bean logo design, these new essentials are available to purchase in a set of four coasters and come wrapped with a durable string, so they remain secure when stacked.

Perfect on-the-go accessories

Costa Coffee has made travelling on-the-go that little bit easier, with the new Reusable Stainless-Steel Straws & Cleaner, complete with two durable stainless-steel straws and one handy cleaner.

There’s also the new Reusable Stainless-Steel Cutlery to buy. Complete with a knife, fork and spoon set – the trio can be kept before and after use in a branded silicon carry case. Simply pop that into your bag and go – it really is that easy!

Using a reusable cup in store?

Costa Coffee has recently announced the relaunch of its Costa Club rewards scheme, which aims at giving members even more rewards for purchasing their favourite cup of Costa coffee.

As part of this, members can now earn two Beans when purchasing their favourite handcrafted drink in their reusable cup. The added incentive to go green ensures that those bringing in their own reusable can claim a FREE drink for every four drink purchases.

Costa Coffee’s new Autumn reusable range is available to purchase across Costa Coffee stores nationwide now, with more information available to view at: https://www.costa.co.uk/