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Rose&Cactus partners with Café Rider to give Yemeni beans the spotlight


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Speciality coffee producer Rose&Cactus and boutique motorcycle concept Café Rider have joined forces to bring Yemeni coffee to a whole new crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts. The unique partnership came together when Rose&Cactus offered Café Rider a taste of their Yemeni Coffee Beans. Head Roaster Gideon Canido saw great potential to serve something unique, as a special limited edition.

Both parties were motivated by each other’s vision to educate the community about the Yemeni coffee origins and history, and to tell a story of the farmers, their families and all the hands that touch the bean. This event marks the first major partnership that Rose&Cactus has formed since its founding and will bring authentic speciality coffee beans across the UAE and internationally.

Gideon Canido explains how the collaboration started and what it means to Café Rider.

“I’m very happy for this collaboration with Rose&Cactus, because this is an opportunity for us at Café Rider to elevate the coffee varieties and different origins, especially Yemeni, to our customers. We see this as a gateway for more collaborations to come. This partnership felt right because both Rose&Cactus and Café Rider share the same values and vision – both of us aim to promote the farmers’ hard work. Farmers are one of the reasons we’re so passionate, and we both believe the spotlight should be on them.

Since the launch started, we’ve received nothing but great feedback, with the help and support from Rose&Cactus. I believed in the product from the first time I tried the Yemeni coffee, and it’s been quite the journey to get to this point.”
— Gideon Canido, Head Roaster, Café Rider

Hesham Ahmed, one of the Managing Partners of Rose&Cactus, talks about what the collaboration means to him personally, as he continues his grandmother’s legacy.

“We’ve been so excited in the lead up to our launch with Café Rider. For us, it’s not just a collaboration, but an opportunity to promote Yemeni coffee and the hard work of the farmers and their families. To launch this into one of the most popular roasteries in Dubai is obviously a great chance for us to build our name in the local market. However, working with the team at Café Rider that shares the same attitude, goal, and passion, turned this into the success we’ve seen so far. For me personally, my goal is always to carry on my grandma’s legacy. To spread the joy and love of the Yemeni coffee bean with as many people as possible and let them experience it as closely and originally, as I remember it being served to me as a small boy, in my grandma Fatima’s kitchen.

My vision for this collaboration is to draw people closer, let them feel connected, and raise awareness of the unbelievable challenges that this coffee goes through until it reaches the cup. I want to spark the curiosity of the bean’s journey, start conversations, and put the spotlight not only on the farmers but all the hands involved in the process, which makes the coffee so special.”
— Hesham Ahmed, Managing Partner, Rose&Cactus

Launched at the beginning of September, the exclusive promotion is set to continue for two weeks. The Yemeni coffee beans hail from the Haraz region of Yemen, one of the highest mountain areas, reaching an altitude of around 2000 to 2200 metres above sea level.

Both Rose&Cactus and Café Rider have featured a unique handmade centrepiece on every table. The qameria is a small lantern with colourful glass, replicating the traditional windows found in the old buildings of Sanaa. It is made by families in Yemen to help create some income for themselves and travelled all the way from Yemen especially for the collaboration. This has been used to spark conversation into the deep-rooted history of the Yemeni coffee bean and create some excitement around the launch.

The coffee was roasted to perfection by head roaster Gideon and his dedicated team, who decided to offer the coffee in the form of espresso, all coffee milk-based drinks and as a cold brew.

The beans can be purchased for home in a special gift box including a 250g bag alongside a personalised Café Rider bamboo cup. The beautiful coffee offers flavour notes of chocolate, stone fruits and citrus.