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COLOMBIA – Diego F. Campos is the National Barista Champion

MEDELLIN – Thanks to his skills, creativity and extensive coffee knowledge, Diego F. Campos from “Amor Perfecto” won first place in the 2014 Colombian Barista Championship. The young champion’s four espressos, four cappuccinos and four original signature drinks convinced the national and international jurors that he was Colombia’s greatest barista. His next step is to represent Colombia in the 2015 World Barista Championship that will take place in Seattle, USA.
The initial rounds of the Colombian Barista Championship began on October 2nd under the frame of ExpoEspeciales 2014. Mauricio Romero from “Azahar Coffee” and Milena Rengifo from “Amor Perfecto” won second and third place, respectively.
Diego used coffee from the Tamaná farm in the department of Huila and from the Astraunión farm in the department of Nariño. Diego described that what he wanted to transmit was the preparation of a homemade coffee.
According to Diego, “I fell in love with coffee and became passionate about being a barista. This was the fifth time I participated in the competition. Finally, my dream has come true.”
José C. Arreola, international juror of the Colombian Barista Championship, argued, “Colombia has great coffee. I wish there were more baristas that portrayed Colombian coffee to the world with all its origins and different preparations.”
Diego stated that the excellent soils, climate and mountainous singularities that characterize Colombia are propitious for producing the best mild coffee in the world. “I aspire to train with dedication, improve my English and demonstrate in the World Barista Championship that Colombian coffee, with its sweetness and acidity, will continue to be highly recognized worldwide.”
The Colombian Barista Championship tributes Colombian coffee and recognizes the skill, knowledge, and passion of men and women who transform coffee beans into perfect, intense, and aromatic drinks. The 28 baristas registered this year are a testament to the fact that the competition is gaining strength year after year.