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COLOMBIA – Coffee renovation program has a positive impact on quality

Colombian coffee

BOGOTA – The coffee crop renovation program led by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has had a positive impact on the quality and consistency of Colombian coffee.

In a recent report, the FNC’s Commercial Office analysed the purchases of Colombian coffee over the past two years. The report noted that the proportion of coffee beans per load of parchment coffee increased by 81% and that the residues resulting from the threshing process decreased from 20% to 19%.

According to Carlos A. Gonzalez, Chief Commercial Officer of the FNC, “This has an important impact both on producers and on the threshing yields for export coffee.

The efforts of the past few years have positively affected the quality of Colombian coffee. Today, fewer kilos of parchment beans are needed to make up one bag of export excelso coffee. In short, efforts to ensure quality are paying off.”

Renovated plantations produce more export excelso coffee beans than traditional plantations. Additionally, crop renovation has reduced the average age of coffee trees from 12.4 to 7.2 years.

This 42% decrease means that the younger the renovated trees, the higher the quality and consistency of the beans.

Over the past few years, the incidence of coffee leaf rust and coffee berry borer in Colombian plantations have decreased significantly.

The FNC’s awareness campaigns regarding the importance of adopting good agricultural practices have played a key role in this improvement.

91% of the 12.1 million 60 kilo green coffee bags that were produced in Colombia during 2014 were exported.

Thanks to Café de Colombia’s quality and consistency, and to the FNC’s differentiation and origin defense strategy, the international market concedes a quality premium to Colombian export coffee.

The export of Colombian coffee undergoes strict production, reception and storage controls. Colombia is the only coffee producing country that inspects each and every one of the coffee shipments headed for exports.

Similarly, using cutting edge technology, it conducts regular samplings throughout the globe to guarantee the origin of the coffee that is sold as 100% Colombian.