Wednesday 28 February 2024

Coffee students are up for the cup!

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A dynamic duo from Cass Business School in London are launching a company designed to fund coffee cups recycling through the use of advertising and helping us in the process.

CupTheMarket creators Francois de Vinols and Kourosh Madani (in the picture) are tackling the battle to halt Britain’s annual wastage of 2.5bn coffee cups.

Every day hundreds of thousands of Britons put their coffee cup into a recycling bin, throwing away 2.5bn of them a year without realising they don’t get recycled unless segregated in bins just for cups.

Francois and Kourosh have teamed up with us to showcase their plan to use their cups as an opportunity for businesses and organisations to market themselves at independent coffee outlets and London universities where millions coffee cups are wasted every year.

The idea is being launched at Cass Business School where cups promoting our Fair by Five campaign will be served up to students for the first unveiling of the new cups.

As part of our Fair by Five campaign, we’ve revealed that a third of children in England aren’t ready for school by age five with many struggling to catch up – we’re campaigning for child development to be a national priority.

We’re really excited to be working with Action for Children on this project. Students drinking from branded coffee cups at Cass will be able to read about Action for Children’s Fair by Five campaign and also engage with them on social media – while also helping the environment.

Francois, one of CupTheMarket’s creators

“CupTheMarket aims to convert that free advertising space available on cups into an incredibly efficient marketing medium which will in turn generate revenues to finance cup recycling. The adverts on our cups will be fun and will matter our customers.

“It’s time to make these cups more efficient; by placing adverts on them we can finance their recycling and avoid unnecessary waste. We wanted to promote a charity to launch this innovative project as it is in line with our ethical values and that’s where Action for Children comes in.”

Sheona Michie, our Head of Brand and Marketing said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Action for Children to work with CupTheMarket in drawing attention to our Fair by Five campaign.”

“We hope today’s students will help the next generation of students while enjoying their coffee. We are encouraging them to join our Fair by Five Thunderclap, which will launch on October 11, and learn more about our campaign.”

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