Monday 29 May 2023

Coffee Knowledge Hub: this weekend two courses from Coffee Sensorium

Coffee Knowledge Hub offers a course called ‘Plant-based drinks and coffee’ and two new courses from Coffee Sensorium.

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LONDON – It has been quite a month with courses from the Coffee Sensorium and Dale Harris kicking off the Coffee Knowledge Hub’s academic year. There is lots more to come but for now, learn more about how to find the best plant based drinks for your coffee. Coffee Knowledge Hub will be present at the London Coffee Festival this week on Thursday and Friday.

The secret life of plant-based coffee

It’s a trend that’s here to stay, but how do you get the best from a dairy-free cup?
Do you ever wonder why some plant-based drinks foam well and others do not? Or why some taste good with your coffee and others just don’t?

The answers are found by understanding the ingredients list of these dairy milk substitutes and how they react with heat, air, and the coffee you are adding them to. There are many plant-based options available, so finding the best type for you requires a little testing to settle on one that tastes good and delivers the required foam.

Why is coffee such a challenge for plant-based drinks? There are 3 reasons:

1. The acidity of coffee
2. The effect of heat on proteins
3. The flavour characteristics of coffee combined with plant-based ingredients

Coffee is naturally acidic. We often associate lighter roasted coffees with being more acidic, but in fact, the acidity of coffee is high irrespective of the roast degree.

Find out how plant based drinks are developed to work harmoniously with coffee.

Coffee Knowledge Hub offers a course called ‘Plant-based drinks and coffee’, where you can explore the nutritional, environmental, flavour and physico-chemical properties of plant-based drinks. There is also a chance to develop and present your own plant-based coffee signature drink.

This way for more information.

New courses by Coffee Sensorium

This weekend there are 2 new, and eagerly anticipated courses from the Coffee Sensorium:

Aspects of Coffee Freshness:

How do you make sure your green coffee is fresh and will stay fresh for as long as you need it to? What is the best practice for managing freshness with roasted coffee, what should you advise your customers? Get answers to these questions from Dr. Veronica Belchior, this Saturday at 12pm BST on the Coffee Knowledge Hub.

Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel: On Sunday, Dr Fabiana Carvalho is exploring the coffee tasters flavour wheel. A tool for the industry that is often used incorrectly, but has potential to help you improve how you calibrate with others and communicate flavour. The course also some original insigths about the emotional lexicon, something we do not discuss, yet, in the coffee industry.

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