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Coffee is safe for people with heart disease

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Coffee used to have a reputation of being bad for those who have heart problems. But a new study published by researchers at the University of California- San Francisco on April 16, said that there is nothing to worry about it.

MotherJones.com said that scientists of the said university didn’t find any harmful ingredient from coffee that people who have heart issues should be afraid of. There was a study published in 2015 saying that coffee could increase the risk of heart attack for those who were diagnosed with any heart disease.

Dr. Greg Marcus, head researcher of this new study, said that last year’s research related to it lacked evidence that would confirm coffee could cause cardiac arrest.

In addition to that, the past research didn’t also directly say that coffee might lead to more heart problems to those who already have them. Apparently, the news about coffee and causing one to have a heart attack is nothing but a rumor.

According to Hello Giggles, a lot of people have believed that rumor for a while now. People who were told their blood pressure is high were also told to stay away from coffee because it would just worsen their situation. You can now breathe knowing that coffee is not that bad after all.

This is good news for coffee drinkers, especially to those who can’t seem to function without their daily dose of caffeine. Although you can breathe easy now knowing coffee won’t kill you by myocardial infarction, it is still wise to think about moderation. Drinking too much coffee won’t be good for your health even when you don’t have any underlying heart problems.


Anything that is too much for your body to handle is most likely to cause you health issues. Putting limit is important and we suggest two cups of coffee a day as your max is enough for now. Hit the share button to share this with your friends and loved ones.


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