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Exports from Brazil were 26.5% down in September to 3.1m bags, the lowest level in 4 years

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MILAN – Exports of all form of coffee from Brazil fell by -26.5% in September to 3,111,905 bags, the lowest level for the month since 2017, the exporters association Cecafé said on Wednesday.

Green coffee exports were -29.6% down to 2,748,314 bags of which 2,422,269 bags of Arabica (-24.9%) and 326,045 barista of Robusta (-51.8%).

Sales abroad of processed coffee (mostly soluble) rose by 10.1% to 363.591 bags.

exports BrazilShipping and supply problems have plagued industries around the world for months amid disruptions arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Total exports of all forms of coffee over the first nine months of calendar year 2021 are -4.1% down to 29,758,579 bags.

Green coffee exports from Brazil decreased by 4% to 26,825,686 bags including 23,831,149 bags of Arabica (-1.5%) and 2,994,537 of Robusta (-19.9%). Exports of processed coffee were 4.9% lower to 2,932,893 bags.


exports BrazilExports of all forms of coffee over the last 12 months totalled 43,442,405 bags, of which 39,436,819 of green coffee (35,252,792 of Arabica and of 4,184,027 of Robusta).

exports BrazilThe United States and Germany were the main destinations followed by Belgium, Italy and Japan.

Cecafe‘s head, Nicolas Rueda, said there was no change regarding shipping, with exporters struggling to get bookings for containers and vessels, as well as facing frequent loading postponements from shipping companies.

“There is intense competition among exporters to secure containers and to book loadings. And it is all very costly,” Rueda said in a statement, adding that the situation is testing the planning capacity of exporters.

He said importers in the main consuming countries such as the United States, Brazil’s top client for coffee, are suffering as well, having to manage the disruptions in the supply chain.


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