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Coffee Association of Canada’s Annual Conference presents results of the 2013 Canadian Coffee Drinking Study

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TORONTO, Canada –  The Coffee Association of Canada/Café Association du Canada’s Annual Conference takes place Thursday, October 24, 2013.  DIG Insights will present highlights of the results from the 2013 Canadian Coffee Drinking Study based on consumer interviews. 

This session will provide an overview of the coffee consumption and behavior habits of Canadians – the primary objectives in 2013 being to:

  • Determine the current disposition of coffee beverage consumption in Canada and identify changes over time;
  • Investigate consumption and attitudes toward coffee consumed at-work;
  • Further understand the market for single-cup brewing systems;
  • Determine awareness, purchase, and attitudes toward cause-related coffee and attitudes surrounding environmental practices in the coffee industry.

Media may access this session – Details are as follows:

DATE: Thursday, October 24, 2013 LOCATION: The Granite Club, 2350 Bayview Avenue, Toronto TIME: 8:45 Opening Remarks – 8:50 Presentation – 2013 Canadian Coffee Drinking Study

About CAC

The Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) is the national trade association representing the coffee industry in Canada.

The Association’s core responsibility is that of industry advocate and spokesperson and exists to undertake a leadership role to effectively address collective industry issues.

The Association will enhance the coffee beverage experience by providing members, consumers and the media with the accurate information on coffee beverages in order to improve coffee beverage knowledge and skills in an effort to make coffee beverages a more integral and meaningful part of Canadian lives.

Key government policy areas, which are managed by the Association, include:

  • Product definitions and labelling
  • Health policy regarding caffeine and coffee
  • Customs regulations
  • Trade policy affecting coffee

CAC maintains regular contact with other coffee associations to ensure it is aware of global issues that may affect the Canadian industry.

Source: Coffee Association of Canada

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