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Raw Bean launches Bean Bag, the market-first pyramid coffee bag

LONDON, UK – The Raw Bean brand has launched a market-first pyramid coffee bag, which is now available at Waitrose and its own website. A one-cup, filter coffee offering, each ‘Bean Bag’ is packed with 12 grams of grounds (compared to 7grams in other coffee bags currently on the shelf).

Senzani Brevetti hits record numbers: more than 3 billion cartons produced

FAENZA, Italy – Coffee capsules market grows and so do the demands for the relevant suitable packaging. Speed and intensive production are the current demands for which Senzani Brevetti SpA has its answer ready to be given to coffee producers, who ask for increasingly high packaging performances.

Compostable capsule Bebo B2nature from RPC Bebo retains coffee quality

BREMERVÖRDE, Germany – With single serve drinks systems continuing to grow in popularity, there is an increasing requirement to balance the demand for capsules with sustainable packaging solutions. RPC Bebo ( has now developed an innovative coffee capsule material that is able to be industrially composted ...

Miko reports record year, strong growth in turnover and operating profit

TURNHOUT, Belgium – Miko, the Euronext Brussels-listed specialist in coffee service and plastic packaging, posted a 7.4 % rise in turnover in 2016. The operating profit (EBIT), operating cash flow (EBITDA) and net profit rose by 56 %, 22.8 % and 14 % respectively. Turnover rose by 7.4 % in 2016, compared with last year ...

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland launches unique hands-on approach to training

MILTON KEYNES, UK – UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has launched Coffee Works: Measure. Train. Excel – a unique, fresh approach to coffee training to help customers consistently deliver exceptional coffee, regardless of scale. Through its Coffee Excellence Check, the programme is able to accurately measure performance across individual ...

Explore the full range of coffee grinding solutions with The Hemro Group

SHANGHAI, People's Republic of China – The foundation of any individual daily coffee ceremony is the brewing method. May it be a classic preparation like turkish mocca, espresso, filter or French press. May it be a modern way of brewing with the AeroPress or with the Chemex.

Vietnam has become the fourth biggest instant coffee exporter worldwide

HANOI, Vietnam – Vietnam has risen to fourth place among instant coffee exporters worldwide in 2015, with total expected shipment of 67,500 tonnes, up 25 percent from previous year, according to the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association (VICOFA). In the past few years, instant coffee plants have sprouted up in the country ...

Dubai-based hospitality company Bull & Roo launches its own coffee brand

DUBAI, UAE – Bull & Roo, the Dubai-based hospitality company behind The Sum Of Us,Tom & Serg, Common Grounds, Brunswick Sports Club and Muchachas has launched its own coffee brand called Encounter. Roasted in-house at The Sum of Us, the home-grown coffee brand is made from Arabica beans sourced across South America ...

ACMA renews corporate image to be closer to its customer’ needs

BOLOGNA, Italy – To be closer to its customer’s needs and to renew the corporate image, during the past months ACMA has launched several activities, from updating the product portfolio, to service and communication operations. The latest addition is the new classification code of the machine portfolio.

Canada: Coffee pods served up en masse to Burnaby energy plant

BURNABY, Canada – The leading producers of non-reusable coffee pods are trying to make a dent in the amount of waste flowing into Canadian landfills. The tricky part is that single-serve pods made by Keurig and Nespresso aren’t easily recycled. Add to that, 40 per cent of Canadians say they have a pod-based coffee machine in their home ...