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Nespresso and Blue Marble launch crop insurance for Colombian growers

NEW YORK, U.S. – Nestlé Nespresso SA and Blue Marble Microinsurance, a consortium of eight companies with the aim of providing socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection to the underserved, today announced their partnership. Nespresso and Blue Marble are collaborating on ...

Single serve coffee producers vie to tempt Southeast Asia’s drinkers

JAKARTA -- Southeast Asia hosts some of the world's leading coffee growers and exporters, such as Indonesia and Vietnam, the world's fourth- and second-biggest producers respectively. Neighbors such as East Timor, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand are home to smaller coffee-growing regions.

MG2 after Interpack Düsseldorf : report of two extraordinary years

PIAN DI MACINA DI PIANORO, Italy – Thanks to a turnover increase of 28%, accompanied by orders increase and a policy of expansion, both in terms of recruitment and in terms of research into new markets/technology solutions, 2016 confirmed itself as a year of great growth for the company based in Pian di Macina di Pianoro (BO).

First European Congress on Coffee Pods to take place in Berlin on 30 May

BERLIN, Germany – The German Coffee Association is currently planning its first European Congress on Coffee Pods, which will take place on 30 May 2017 in Berlin. The highly stimulating presentations will cover high-value contents like market data, processing solutions, product innovations as well as newest trends from

World coffee market: global figures for 2017 put Asia way out in front

MILAN – If there’s one product taking the world by storm right now it’s coffee. And its characteristic aroma has clearly worked its magic, because the world has now woken up, as it were, to the fact that origins and crus are as important for the Coffea bean as they are for wine and olive oil.

La Colombe to introduce multiple new Draft Latte varieties this year

PHILADELPHIA, U.S. – La Colombe's Draft Latte announced its growth into 25,000 points of distribution to coincide with the start of cold coffee season. The explosive rise has made La Colombe a breakout brand in the $3 billion ready-to-drink coffee category 1. And, with plans to introduce multiple new Draft Latte varieties this year.

Coffee capsule for environmentally savvy consumers to mark event

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – With 82 per cent of people admitting to drinking coffee every day, the UAE has become a nation more passionate about the ubiquitous beverage than ever before. Recently marked was International Recycling Day, an annual event which aims to educate and raise awareness around the importance of recycling ...

Best Nespresso-compatible coffee pods in the UK: Aldi triumphs

LONDON, UK – Aldi has come up trumps again. A Which? taste test of coffee pods has named Aldi's Ristretto Alcafe coffee pods as a Which? Best Buy. The pods are compatible with a Nespresso coffee machine, and answer the age old question of how to get a Nespresso coffee for less.

Clear Coffee that won’t stain teeth is now available in the United Kingdom

LONDON – There were hard lessons to be learned from the failures of Crystal Pepsi, Zima, and other casualties of the clear-beverage fad of the 1990s. But what if a see-through coffee was more than a novelty? What if it provided an actual, tangible benefit? We’ll shortly find out.

Nestlé inaugurates CHF 145 million Nescafé, Maggi factory in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Nestlé has today inaugurated its new Al-Maha factory in Dubai, producing Nescafé coffee and Maggi cooking aids for the local and regional market. Now operating at full capacity, the site employs 340 people from 20 countries. 60% of the team are under 30 years of age.