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Coffee capsule for environmentally savvy consumers to mark event

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – With 82 per cent of people admitting to drinking coffee every day, the UAE has become a nation more passionate about the ubiquitous beverage than ever before. Recently marked was International Recycling Day, an annual event which aims to educate and raise awareness around the importance of recycling towards greater sustainability efforts.

As consumption grows exponentially in the region, Nespresso, the pioneer in highest-quality portioned coffee, is taking the opportunity to actively encourage coffee fans to bag up their used capsules and recycle them to do their bit for the environment.

Manuel Sancho, Business Development Manager for the Middle East & Africa at Nespresso, said: “With sustained efforts from the government and more accessible infrastructure, recycling as a culture in the UAE is starting to gain momentum. International Recycling Day gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the significance of caring for the environment and how easy it is to participate on a regular basis.”

The capsule recycling programme set up by Nespresso takes the hassle out of responsibly disposing used Nespresso capsules. Using the fully recyclable eco bags, coffee lovers return them to any Nespresso boutique.

“Recycling at Home” goes one step further in frictionless recycling. The pick-up service helpfully collects used capsules from home (or work) when a new order is delivered.

“Nespresso is proud to have worked with Bee’ah for several years to recycle the nation’s used coffee capsules. Recycling aluminium and returning used coffee back to earth in the form of compost, has helped benefit local communities,” said Sancho.

All components of the Nespresso portioned coffee capsule – the aluminium and coffee grounds – are infinitely recyclable. While the aluminium is re-melted using a low energy process, the grounds are used as natural compost to beautify surrounding areas by fertilising plants and flowers.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, said: “This International Recycling Day, we are proud to affirm the message of resource recovery through our partnership with Nespresso.

As an industry leader in environmental management, Bee’ah encourages the adoption of a circular economy, and actively seeks opportunities that unlock the potential of used materials.

In collaborating with Nespresso, we have managed to achieve a zero waste recovery process for the capsules. This partnership is an excellent example for sustainable business practices, through its positive impact on the environment and the industry.”

The recycling initiative developed by Nespresso is part of the company’s comprehensive global commitment to sustainability.

Active since 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Programis a unique green-coffee sourcing approach that combines a focus on quality, sustainability and productivity. It has helped to secure the supply of the highest quality coffees and the livelihoods of the farmers that grow them.

The programme invests in community infrastructures and training and pays price premiums for superior coffee and best agricultural practices.

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