Friday 01 March 2024

Charlotte Jade designs bespoke mural for Costa inspired by the growth of the coffee plant

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MILAN – British interior design brand, Charlotte Jade unveils its new exclusive, hand-drawn pattern for Costa Coffee, inspired by the growth of the coffee plant and the destinations in which Costa’s coffee beans are grown. The bespoke pattern features native Columbian and Vietnamese plants, bringing nature inside the coffee shop. The design will be printed as luxury wallpaper, upholstery fabrics and wall art for Costa’s new coffee shops throughout the UK. The new design is now in store at, Edwalton Drive-Thru, and will be unveiled in London in spring 2021.

Based on the concept of biophilic design, all Charlotte Jade patterns focus on the benefits of bringing elements of nature back into our lives, to reduce stress, aid mental wellbeing and improve productivity. The bright and colourful pattern for Costa aims to create a calm and relaxing environment by featuring natural elements and colours that represent the brand and celebrate the locations where its coffee is grown.

“We wanted to create a pattern that really represented the story behind the brand. Costa’s delicious coffee is made from blending Arabica beans with Robusta beans from coffee growing communities around the world. It was important to bring inspiration from these growing areas, such as Columbia, Vietname, Brazil and others into the pattern design and coffee shop. The idea was to create a pattern that blends the native plants from each country together and to showcase the coffee plant growing in amongst them. As with all of our designs, we wanted to bring the outside in!” says Charlotte O’Reilly, Founder of Charlotte Jade.

The pattern features hand-drawn Columbian Arabic beans, Vietnamese Robusta beans and a selection of plants including Palms, Banana leaf, Philodendron Xandu Monstera leaves and Lanonia Centralis. Further, the design incorporates Costa’s iconic brand red through the colouring of Trio Stromanthe leaves. Charlotte Jade has created variations of the design, in order to suit Costa’s various store locations across the UK.

“We began working with Charlotte Jade to help us realise a key part of our new concept design. Her previous work caught our eye and the use of beautiful illustrations to tell the story of coffee growing and plants gave us a unique aesthetic to really give our brighter and fresher feel a texture and richness.” comments Sam Freshwater, Store Design Manager

As with all Charlotte Jade designs, the pattern has been created by founder Charlotte O’Reilly herself. Starting with a pencil drawing to capture the intricate details and beauty of the plants, the pattern was brought to life with digital colouring techniques, adding vibrant greens, the yellows and oranges of the growing coffee as well as Costa’s signature red. The pattern has been printed on wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall in Costa’s brand new ‘Edwalton Drive-Thru’ coffee shop and will soon be unveiled in London in Spring 2021.

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