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Change in management at Löfbergs, CEO Lars Appelqvist moves onto another job

Löfbergs Appelqvist
Lars Appelqvist with Kathrine Löfberg

KARLSTAD, Sweden – After 22 years at Löfbergs, of which 12 years as CEO, Lars Appelqvist is moving onto a new job. By the turn of the year, he will take up the position as Executive Vice President for HKScan’s operations in Sweden. Lars will remain at Löfbergs until then, which gives the company plenty of time to find his successor.

“There are mixed feelings, of course. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead the company for so long and for the trust that the Löfberg family has showed me throughout the years. Löfbergs will always have a special place in my heart,” says Lars Appelqvist.

“Lars has done an amazing job and has been very appreciated by co-workers and us as owners. I am glad that he is staying for the autumn and joins us in completing our strategy work, which lays the foundation of a positive future for Löfbergs,” says Katherine Löfberg, chair of the board at Löfbergs.

HKScan is one of northern Europe’s biggest food companies. The Swedish operations has a turnover of SEK 6.9 billion and about 1 800 co-workers.

The coffee roaster Löfbergs is a Swedish Family Business founded in 1906. We are 350 coffee lovers operating in Northern Europe and Canada, sharing the passion for taste, trends and sustainability. With a turnover of SEK 1.9 billion, it is one of the world’s largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade-labeled coffee.

Löfbergs is a part of the Löfbergs group who also owns the brands Green Cup, Kobbs, Percol, Peter Larsen Kaffe and SuperBonobo.