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Marrone + Mesubim, Modbar are calling designers to dream up the kitchen of the future

Marrone Mesubim
Michelin Star Chef Simone Zanoni in his home kitchen, Simone is also a judge for the competition (photo courtesy of Marrone + Mesubim).

MILAN – Marrone + Mesubim, Modbar, K-array, Margraf and Natufia are delighted to invite designers to conceptualise the idea of tomorrow’s kitchen, encouraging entrants to think beyond the traditional framework of kitchen design.

The Time For Future Design challenge is open to all interior designers, architects, students, and professionals who relish the idea of creating the perfect contemporary cooking space.

A design competition made by a luxury kitchen brand for the design community: interior designers, architects, students, and professionals can dream up their version of the kitchen of the future and be judged by leaders in the HoReCa industries, which includes Modbar Co-founder and Product Designer Aric Founder, and lastly, win an awesome prize package.

The online competition ends on July 18th.

Marrone + Mesubim is an alliance between two luxury partners, the knowledge of Armando Pujatti’s decades’ craft in high-end professional chef kitchen manufacturing (the Marrone) and cosmo-culinarian Joshua Latner (the Mesubim).

They have created the home kitchen of culinary dreams, the C3 culinary counter system.

“A super-sleek professional kitchen unit measuring 3 meters encompassing all the essential tools needed by serious cooks or professional chefs”.

It’s any foodies dream kitchen with seamless ergonomics, high quality craftsmanship, and performance.

Now they are challenging conventional kitchen design, and want to hear your voice. Learn more about the competition details here.