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Champions and innovation at Dalla Corte’s booth evo2, all new – still classic: this is the headline of Dalla Corte’s booth (C20) at the Scae World of Coffee 2013 scheduled from 26 to 28 June in Nice (France)

Protagonist of the event is the new evo2, a concentrate of innovation and continuity in style.
Dalla Corte’s classic model, Evolution, has undergone restyling and a generation leap is now evident: a shorter front part makes brewing groups – now wrapped up in a steel grill – and steam wand more visible.
A cutting-edge technology and new functions characterize the heart of what in 2001 was the first machine based on the original multi-boiler system: a benchmark for the industry of the sector and very appreciated by baristas from all over the world, it is now even more user-friendly due to its several technological updates.
A fundamental role is also played by Dalla Corte’s dc pro espresso machine, present at each competition station and official sponsor of the World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits finals, due to its excellence in brewing perfect espressos and in creating an outstanding milk foam.
Two other stations are on the spotlight as well: the “champions’ cubes”. On the first cube, coffee pro Fabrizio Sención Ramírez – Mexican champion who placed second in WBC 2012 – offers exclusive 30-minute training sessions to anyone who is interested: an opportunity not to be missed if you want to practice with a real coffee master. To book a session with Fabrizio please follow this link: http://www.doodle.com/rfpcf5tzg6iwms3c.
On the second cube, a two-group dc pro is available for all the champions who want to train and set up the final details of their competition performance – visitors will be amazed by the beauty and perfection of milk foam decorations and by the tastiness of cocktails. To confirm your participation, please go to:http://www.doodle.com/y2fzcdzmz3hbzzpp .
Moreover, those who are interested will have the chance to carry out a “proof of taste”, which allows to assess the best extraction conditions of their blends or verify the influence of temperature on the organoleptic characteristics of the product in cup: variables that only Dalla Corte technology can adjust accurately and with absolute repeatability through time.
The preview of our new evo2, the champions’ skills and the high quality that has always characterized Dalla Corte’s brand are awaiting you in Nice.
Don’t miss it!
Scae World of Coffee – Nizza 2013 – Asachimici awaits you at stand B1