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Cepea’s report underlines surge in robusta exports from Brazil during July

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SAO PAULO, Brazil – After decreasing for months (since September 2022), the Brazilian exports of coffee (arabica and robusta) resumed rising in July, points out the latest fortnightly report from CEPEA. The low number of deals in previous months limited the volumes shipped. On the other hand, in July, coffee valuations led many agents to close deals for exports.

Data released this month by Cecafé show that nearly three million bags of coffee (arabica and robusta) were exported in July, 13.2% more than the volume shipped in June and 18.7% above that from July/22.

On the other hand, over the past 12 months, the Brazilian exports of coffee decreased 8.1% compared to the volume shipped in the 12 previous months (Aug/21 – Jul/22). The past months were marked by difficulties in closing deals in the spot market and the still low supply in Brazil.

The performance of robusta exports was a highlight. In July, 505 thousand bags of this variety were shipped, a staggering 119% up from that exported in June and 245% higher than that from Jul/22, according to data from Cecafé.

This high increase was a reflex of the devaluation of arabica coffee in the Brazilian market, which raised the share of this variety in coffee blends – thus, higher amounts of robusta coffee were available to be exported.

Besides, Cepea collaborators reported that the demand for robusta coffee increased, which may be linked to the lower exports from Vietnam – the prices of the coffee from Vietnam are currently high, reducing its competitiveness in the international market.

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