Sunday 25 February 2024

Caskai continues nationwide expansion into the U.S. coffee channel

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SEATTLE, U.S. — Caskai North America continues towards its goal to be available in coffee shops coast to coast and expands its distribution footprint by adding Barista Pro Shop (BPS) and Humankind as distributors of its award-winning beverage, Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion.

Caskai makes its Sparkling Cascara Infusion by fresh brewing cascara, the dried fruit of the coffee cherry, in Austrian Alps spring water and only adds organic cane sugar, carbonation and tartaric acid for a very refreshing alternative to flavored waters, teas, energy drinks and sodas available on the market today.

“Due to its relationship to coffee, Caskai sees coffee shops as a great point of introduction for its products as baristas, coffee shop operators and owners are some of our earliest fans and are helping to educate consumers about cascara, its unique flavor, and nutritional benefits. BPS and Humankind were natural fits to our distribution goals.” says Caskai’s founder Joel Jelderks.

Barista Pro Shop services the Colorado market with a DSD distribution system and the entire country with direct delivery via its Colorado, New Hampshire and Kentucky based warehouses.

Humankind is the producer of Humankind water and Humankind teas and has a DSD distribution system for its own products serving the coffee channel in the greater Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore areas. Humankind donates 100% of their profits from the sales of their water to clean water initiatives in developing countries.

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