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Baristas to advertise White Coffee on over 20 television networks

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SEATTLE, U.S. — Baristas Coffee Company, Inc.: The campaign which will run on over 22 television networks for the next 2 weeks is designed to boost sales within the area of the country that has been very supportive of the White Coffee movement.

Some of the other TV networks include SCI – The Science Channel, The Outdoor Channel, NGWD -The Wild Channel, ESPN Classic, The BOOM Network, and FUSE Music Network, among many others. The campaign is then intended to expand nationally on the heels of a major inventory expansion with Amazon.

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This expansion is fueled by the immediate and extensive response from the exposure Baristas received from being seen kicking off the opening Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football this past week, and highlights the nuttier taste and twice the caffeine “kick” of the newest trend out of Seattle, Baristas White Coffee.

The “Kick It” spot featuring Megs McLean the founder of the “Crunge” music genre, (a combination of Country, Rock, and Grunge) has been a proven success and exemplifies a movement of stars and companies who support the NFL as well as our country, its civilians, and our military.   The spot has already been seen nationally by all viewing households of the 13 million subscribers of the Dish Network satellite system.


Baristas Coffee has begun a multi-tiered media push to propel consumer and market awareness ahead of the confirmed October roll out of the first of its recently announced new functional beverage products and distribution channels.

Baristas continues to leverage the success it has enjoyed with its Baristas White Coffee products (Now an Amazon Prime’s Choice coffee product). After selling out its supply at Amazon Fulfillment earlier in the week, Amazon has now stocked up an emergency supply in order to meet the new demand resulting in recent advertising.

Baristas and Amazon also initiated a much larger supply of product that was sent today to the Amazon fulfillment center to hopefully insure that customers who wish to consume the product will have it available to them. The direct link to the product on Amazon.

The infused product line is based on coffee, the world’s most popular beverage. It offers consumers the ability to enhance their daily coffee consumption with vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, and other additives legal in the states which the products are available.

Barry Henthorn CEO stated:

“When something is working you expand it. Major League Baseball, at this critical and highly watched period of the season, along with the other tremendous networks in this marketing push, is a perfect fit after we have received such positive feedback from the NFL kickoff spots.  Amazon was quick to respond by replenishing their supply of Baristas White Coffee, and we are very excited about how this push in LA, one of the most influential markets in the world will impact our revenue and lay a solid foundation for the launch of our infused functional beverage products.”


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