Saturday 24 February 2024

Caribou launches its latest exclusive beverage: The Cabin Bar Mocha

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MINNEAPOLIS, U.S. – Caribou Coffee is proud to exclusively introduce a first, the Cabin Bar Mocha. This new beverage boasts a one-of-a-kind flavor combination of peanut butter, real butterscotch chips, espresso, chocolate chips and fresh whipped cream.

But why stop there, right? Each Cabin Bar Mocha is then topped with a Midwest staple, the scotcheroo (or Special K bar), a deliciously rich treat that pairs perfectly with the Cabin Bar Mocha flavors.

“We wanted to create a hand-crafted beverage like nothing else out there as a tribute to the North and to celebrate our 25th birthday,” says John Butcher, President Caribou Coffee.

“The Cabin Bar Mocha is really the icing on the cake and our gift to Caribou fans who we think will raise their cups to this new creation.”

While testing its new beverage creation, Caribou Coffee incorporated real-time feedback throughout the entire R&D process. The Cabin Bar Mocha is best described and a fresh take on a beloved favorite and the only beverage featuring a scotcheroo topping as well as real butterscotch chips and sauce.

“Our butterscotch is amazing! Says Jenifer Hagness, Senior Director of product innovation. “Similar to the ingredient integrity and clean label promise we use with our REAL chocolate chips, vanilla and caramel – butterscotch is no different. Ours is curated using only ingredients you can pronounce: brown sugar, butter and cream.”

Caribou Coffee is the only major coffeehouse offering real butterscotch chips and the ingredients featured in the Cabin Bar Mocha, a delightfully new twist on an old favorite. Enjoy the new Cabin Bar Mocha ONLY at Caribou Coffee for a limited time. This classic treat is available January through March of 2018. Life is short, stay awake for it!

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