Tuesday 31 January 2023

Seoul metropolitan government bans bringing takeout coffee into buses

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SEOUL, South Korea – Seoul says ‘no’ to takeout coffee cups on buses. A revised ordinance of the metropolitan government banning passengers from carrying takeaway coffee cups into a public bus entered into force yesterday.

The move aims to make bus travel safer and reduce possibility of disputes, city officials said yesterday, according to sources.

Under the ordinance, which took effect on Jan. 4, the driver of a public bus is authorised to keep a passenger from boarding the bus if the passenger carries any takeout food cups and dirty or ill-smelling products that are deemed to hurt the safety of other passengers and to pose threats to them.

Mr Yoo Kwang Sang, a member of the Seoul metropolitan assembly who proposed the ordinance revision, said there had been an increasing number of cases in which commuters spill hot beverages or ice.

“We have seen many disputes involving accidental spilling of coffee or other beverage in takeout cups.

“To prevent this kind of dispute, we need to create a regulation,” Mr Yoo was quoted by Yonhap as saying.

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