Tuesday 04 October 2022

Invigo Coffee introduces new products as people enter second wave of Covid-19

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TORONTO, Canada – As people enter the second wave of COVID-19, residents of the Greater Toronto (GTA) area are increasingly searching for ways to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee without leaving the comfort of their homes. Concord’s Invigo Coffee has recently announced new products to their already extensive line of coffee. A representative for the company said: “We have recently introduced several new products that we feel that our customers will really enjoy!”

“We understand that this may not be the safest time to sit in a coffee shop. However, this does not mean that you can’t continue to enjoy coffee-shop style espressos.”

Invigo Coffee is located in Concord, Ontario, and products are available for order on their website.

Some examples of the new products include Invigo Coffee Boost, which is bound to deliver an extra kick in the morning, in addition to the Invigo Coffee Classic, which delivers the conventional taste of coffee that all seasoned drinkers love.

Invigo’s Coffee Caramel is a delicious blend of South American coffee beans with a unique twist, while the Coffee Chocolate and Coffee Vanilla are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Invigo Coffee believes that coffee should be a stress reliever. For this reason, they are continuously working to fine tune and optimize the manufacturing process to create the best possible blends.

Each capsule is of coffee is guaranteed to be of the highest quality; complex yet refined is what they strive for. They have something for all types of coffee drinkers, from the seasoned coffee drinker with a taste for the classic sensibilities of coffee, to those who love bitter coffee with an intense, rich flavor.

Invigo Coffee believes that the best type of coffee comes from a plant called “Coffee Arabica,” which must be grown in optimal conditions. For this reason, all their products are only grown in areas with high humidity, cool temperatures, slightly acidic soil, and good drainage. In addition, their bestselling espresso only comes from plants that are grown in an area with sufficient sunlight.

For example, coffee with hints of fruity notes is best grown in Colombia, while Guatemalan coffee beans are considered the best in Central America. The handpicked beans offer a sweet balance that is combined with full flavour. In particular, the espresso capsules that are made with Guatemalan coffee beans deliver an intense, tart taste influenced by the presence of heavy, ocean winds. Similarly, Costa Rican coffee beans offer a balanced, well-rounded feel to the taste and a smooth, soft, walnut flavor. Finally, Invigo coffee beans grown in Ethiopia, the birthplace of Coffee Arabica, have sweet fruity notes and a floral aroma that is hard to beat.

The representative from Invigo Coffee added: “We are now offering all customers an extra 20% off. Simply type in “INVIGO20OFF” during checkout!”

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