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CANADA – Coffee Flour rethinks Coffee at TED2015 “Truth and Dare”

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – As part of its 2015 launch, Coffee Flour, the new global impact food, will be featured on the TED Tasting Menu and as a part of the Cafe Program at the TED2015 ‘Truth and Dare’ conference in Vancouver and TEDActive in Whistler.

A selection of products will be showcased, including handcrafted soft pretzels, chocolate chip cookies with a touch of sea salt, spiced caramel corn, and “Red Chocolate” debuting in a bar from Seattle Chocolates’ jcoco line – all made with Nicaraguan varietal coffee flour.

TED is the non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

According to the TED2015 ‘Truth and Dare’ organizers, “Great TED Talks often do one or both of the following… they give you a new lens on the world as it is… or they offer new possibilities for the world as it might be.

For TED2015, we’re on a quest to magnify both facets. We will seek to challenge and reshape our core beliefs about today’s reality.

And, at the same time, we celebrate thinkers, dreamers and mavericks who offer bold new alternatives.”


Coffee Flour falls into the latter group, according to founders Dan Belliveau and Andrew Fedak: “The truth is that there is much more to coffee than the bean.

We’re daring TEDsters to rethink everything they think they know about coffee, and to imagine a profoundly more sustainable industry.”

Every year billions of pounds of coffee cherry pulp, a by-product of green coffee production, are discarded or, to a lesser degree, composted into fertilizer.

Rather than leaving these cherries to rot in heaps or be dumped into rivers, Coffee Flour converts them into flour for baking, cooking, and crafting chocolate.

The result is an incredibly nutritious and distinctly flavorful addition to the global menu, with more fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flour, more protein per gram than fresh kale, more potassium per gram than a banana, and more iron per gram than fresh spinach.

Coffee Flour creates a supplemental income for many farmers and mill workers at source – turning what was once waste into revenue. The Coffee Flour business model is structured so that positive environmental, social, and economic impacts will be shared by all.

TED2015 ‘Truth and Dare’ is among the first of a number of events where Coffee Flour will be introducing its product to the public. Expect more recipes, applications, and partnerships in the weeks and months to come.


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