Sunday 04 June 2023

CAMEROON – Government raises tax levies on cocoa and coffee exports

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Since the start of the 2014-2015 cocoa and coffee seasons, Cameroon has been imposing tax levies on cocoa and coffee respectively at rates of 150 FCFA and 100 FCFA per kilogramme.

This tax levy was previously only 54 FCFA. This amounts to a 200% increase on cocoa and a 100% increase on coffee.

According to the head of the Prime Minister’s Technical Coordination and Monitoring Division of Cocoa and Coffee sectors, when quoted in the Cameroonian government’s daily publication, these tax levies will bring in around 31 billion FCFA in 2015.

Collections for 2016 are estimated to be 35 billion FCFA.

“These funds will be paid over to the Cocoa and Coffee Sectors Development Fund (FODECC in French), which will thus have more resources for the projects,” in the framework of the cocoa-coffee relaunch plan adopted by the Cameroonian government on September 30, 2014. This was announced by Mr. Evane.

(100 FCFA = US$0.17)

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