Tuesday 06 December 2022

SUSTAINABILITY – New partnership between UTZ Certified and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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In a newly-established strategic partnership, themed “Dialogue and Dissent”, UTZ will work together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stimulate capacity building among local civil society and in that way, contribute to sustainable and inclusive development.

Within the partnership, the qualities and expertise of both the Ministry and UTZ will be combined. It also includes financial support over the next five years, enabling as to have an even greater impact on creating sustainable supply chains.

The Ministry cooperates with several NGOs and international organizations that work on issues such as working conditions, protection of the environment, food security, empowerment and human rights.

Other organizations selected include Oxfam Novib, Hivos, Amnesty International Nederland, Plan Nederland and Solidaridad.

Announcing the partnership, Lilianne Ploumen (Minister for International Cooperation and Development), said:

“With these partnerships we want to contribute to a versatile and vital civil society. That is crucial for development and growth from which everyone can benefit and for a resilient democratic society. That is not common everywhere.”

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