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Call to stop using plastic and aluminium coffee capsules in Bali, Indonesia

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – Java Mountain Coffee, a social enterprise based in Jakarta is urging the hospitality industry in Bali to stop using plastic and aluminium coffee capsules in order to reduce waste and pollution, report national media.

The firm said used capsules usually end up in landfills, rivers and the ocean. The situation is made even worse by plastic capsules that release harmful substances into the environment when exposed to sunlight.

“Java Mountain Coffee’s response to the recent commitment by the global travel industry to reduce its reliance on plastics and other harmful environmental products, is to stop the use of plastic and aluminum coffee capsules,” the firm’s spokeswoman, Nadine Alexandra, said in a statement.

“We believe the Bali travel industry collectively can lead the world in environmental responsibility, reversing old uninformed historical human behavior, which has caused irreversible damage to our planet,” she said.

Java Mountain Coffee participated in an environmental event titled “Act Local, Impact Global,” hosted by Alila Resorts Bali last week. The island hotel industry organized the event in response to a commitment by the global travel industry in June to reduce the use of plastic and other harmful waste products.

At least 50 hotels, members of the Bali Hotel Association and other travel industry stakeholders attended the event to share their environmental initiatives.

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