It’s all about caffeine: New video of the #TEE18 series dedicated to decafeination

The fifth video of the #TEE18 series, created by TriestEspresso Expo to show the expertise of the city of Trieste in the coffee field, is dedicated to decaffeination.

Triestespresso Expo – the professional trade fair, organized by the Chamber of Commerce Venezia Giulia with the cooperation of Associazione Caffè Trieste – is back for its ninth edition from 25 to 27 October 2018.

For most of us, caffeine is just a precious component of coffee. A molecule which is able to keep us alert and awake and charges us up.

But caffeine is also waste material. It becomes precious waste material, when it is extracted from the beans destined to become decaf coffee.

There’s a whole world behind this waste material. Caffeine, which looks like dark mush at first, is refined until it becomes a white powder used in a wide range of sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceutical and even, again, in the food and beverage industry, eg in soft drinks.

Trieste is the home base of one of the few decaf companies. A business carried out only by a handful of companies in the world.

Here is the video

It's all about caffeine – #TEE18 video5

…have you ever thought where decaf's caffeine ends up? #TEE18

Posted by TriestEspresso Expo on Tuesday, August 7, 2018