Wednesday 21 February 2024

Café Rogusta announces 100% pure single origin Robusta coffee

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PANAMA – Café Rogusta announces their new product, 100% Pure Single Origin Robusta Coffee. The coffee is made in Panama, one of the world’s most famous destinations for quality coffee bean production.

The original Robusta Coffee is made from coffee Canephora plant, handpicked, pulped, dried, and expertly roasted by locals.

It doesn’t contain any additives, pesticides, or herbicides, has low acidity and pleasant bitterness levels, and is grown in family-owned plantations with many years of integrity, trust, and quality. The product is available in two versions; 100% pure ground and 100% pure whole bean.

“Our coffee is made by family-owned farms and locals who nurture its land. These coffee beans have a rich history of serving the world with pure taste and pleasure in a cup. We offer our customers exclusive product and price, where they get the best deals and excellent taste at the same time,” said Juan Rojas, a representative of Café Rogusta.

The Café Rogusta brand of coffee beans is trusted the world over. The company offers consumers the best of artisanal coffee, from the mountains of Panama.

What makes the product unique among others is the high level of caffeine, which is about 84%, making it better than Arabian coffee.

100% Pure Single Origin Robusta Coffee is made in the most suitable weather conditions, planted and harvested by locals, and prepared using a combination of age-old and modern methods.

This pure production method ensures there are no impurities, chemical additives, or pesticides that may be harmful to the human body.

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