Saturday 25 June 2022

Passengers at Hamburg Airport can now buy drinks in personal cups

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Passengers at Hamburg Airport can now buy drinks in their own cups and containers instead of paper cups. Many catering companies at the airport are offering discounts on drinks bought in personal cups, which in turn reduces rubbish heaps.

Environmental protection goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction

“’Drinks to go’ are trending all over the world and coffee lovers like drinking from a paper cup when travelling,” said Nicole Kudenholdt, Project Manager of #MyCupMyCoffee at Hamburg Airport.

“Reducing the number of paper cups leads to less rubbish, which we welcome and support, as environmental protection plays a central role at Hamburg Airport. At the same time, passengers benefit from caterers’ discounts by buying drinks in their own containers.”

Sustainable drinking water services

Hamburg Airport provides many attractive services for passengers such as free drinking water at four dispensers. The service has been available in co-operation with Hamburg Wasser for about a year. Passengers can fill up their containers with cool water.

Still water has been available in Hamburg Airport’s security section in co-operation with the Hamburg-based initiative “Viva con Agua” since 2004. Many sales outlets sell a 0.5 litre PET bottle for EUR 2. Sales of the water go towards drinking water projects all over the world.

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