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CURIOSITY – The Café continues to be a leader in trends, says

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NEW YORK, NY –, the noted trends collective, has recorded an immense number of unique cafes. The small, relaxed venues are the perfect place for experimentation and unique ideas.

The Cat Café is a phenomenon that continues to grow around Europe and Asia and even North America.

Patrons drink coffee while surrounded by rescued strays, which have plenty of room to roam. The trend has inspired knockoffs, including a series of owl cafes in Japan. Instead of cats, these facilities are filled with the nocturnal birds.

The novelty café trend is not limited to animals. In Germany, the cemetery café is all of the rage.

These outlets offer patrons a relaxing, quiet setting, which happens to be right next to a final resting place for the deceased. In Taiwan, the café is not so subtle of a place.

Themed coffee shops are all of the rage, including a café that is all Barbie. Other ideas include an airplane theme, a toilet theme, and a restaurant made completely out of cardboard.


Not every café is for novelty purposes. An internet café in Senegal had the interesting idea of having all tablets instead of computers to give its patrons uninterrupted internet access in response to frequent power outages.

“A café represents independent ownership on a small scale,” says a spokesperson. “This trend represents a desire to differentiate from the competition and try something completely different than anyone else.”


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