Thursday 25 July 2024
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Coca-Cola Plus Coffee limited-edition drink hits the Vietnamese market

Coca-Cola Việt Nam has recently launched Coca-Cola Plus Coffee combining pure coffee and the iconic coke. Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, a drink with 50% more...

Sipgo tumblers can hold a drink’s temperature for unbelievably long time

AUSTRALIA - People who are always on the go are constantly looking for products that will be able to keep up with their active...

Starbucks’ unbelievable new drink has beef jerky and Congo coffee in it

SEATTLE, U.S. – When we hear about new Starbucks drinks, they're almost always sweet — Key Lime Pie Frapps, Piña Colada Tea Infusions, Cold Brew floats — which makes their latest savory launch especially exciting. And surprising. Since July 31, the Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist is available for a limited time at one lucky location.

A tasty drink made with chocolate and caffeine can improve your thinking

MILAN – Yes, you have read it correctly. There is a particular drink on the market that mixes chocolate and caffeine. The best part? Well, it may just help to improve your brain’s thinking process. In a joint study between New York’s Clarkson University, the University of Wisconsin, and the Oregon Science University researches have found that ...

Want your coffee and hot cocoa, too? This Italian drink combines them

NEW YORK, U.S. – I suffer the occasional crisis triggered by an inability to make a decision...about hot drinks. This can happen anywhere, but ice-skating rinks and ski slopes are particularly likely scenes. It starts with my daily need for caffeine, specifically in the form of a steaming cup of black coffee.

Starbucks is giving away a lifetime supply of free drincks to 7 lucky people

Whether you'll admit it or not, your crippling Starbucks addiction will ultimately leave you slurping Frappuccinos, cold brew, and so-called Rainbow Drinks for the...

Singapore’s latest food fad? Milk tea in ‘shampoo bottles’

You can sense a fad emerging when Singaporeans start ordering milk tea drinks in sleek bottles from Taiwan months before its launch on July 13, and the chorus of complaints when the beverage ...

Quotes about coffee: “I ordered my favorite drink; vanilla iced blended coffee …”

"I ordered my favorite drink; vanilla iced blended coffee ..."

Quotes about coffee: “Coffee is a lot more than just a drink …”

"Coffee is a lot more than just a drink ..."

Coffee in the UK: How Britain became addicted to cafe culture

Stereotypes might suggest that British people only drink strong tea from fine china cups with their little fingers extended, or pints of amber lager...

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