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BWT Water+More at WoC with the world community of specialty coffee

The equally exuberant and relaxed city of Amsterdam is the place to be in June for coffee aficionados from all over the world. Running from 21-23 June, the 18th edition of World of Coffee, staged in Amsterdam by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), is transforming the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre into a hot-spot for coffee professionals and coffee lovers.

The world’s best coffee artists will be lighting the place up as they battle for the title of World Barista Champion and Latte Art Champion 2018 – and BWT water+more will be right up there with them.

As event host sponsor for World of Coffee and as a strong partner for the worldwide speciality coffee community. At Europe’s hottest coffee event, the water optimisation specialist is supplying boosts of refreshing water, super-delicious coffees, enlightening taste experiments and monster-sized competitions.

You can find out exclusively and only from BWT water+more how you can achieve the best and most reliable water for your coffee creations, thanks to our innovative reverse osmosis technology with re-mineralisation.

Strong partnership taking a fresh approach

At the World Barista Championship at World of Coffee, as in the daily business of a café or coffee shop, what counts is great performance and the best taste sensations. BWT water+more is a strong partner for baristas the world over, helping them to put in a top performance every time and to get the best in flavour from their coffee. The water specialists at BWT water+more know how important water is for coffee. Its quality, in terms of its composition of minerals, pH value, hardness etc. is critical for the taste of the beverages and the fault-free function of the equipment.

Together with coffee artists from all over the world, the company is taking fresh approaches that go beyond simply protecting against limescale and focusing on what really counts when preparing coffee. “Dialogue with the baristas has been part of our company philosophy right from the very start,” says Dr. Frank Neuhausen, managing director of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH. This knowledge is giving rise to advanced technologies that protect the machines and simultaneously optimise the water to give the best sensations. For long, fault-free machine operating times and consistently high-quality taste in the coffee. Wherever the location. The ideal water for coffee can be reproduced anywhere in the world, regardless of the original quality of the local drinking water.

Espresso taste test casts light on the darkness

A small cup of a dark brown beverage is providing moments of enlightenment at World of Coffee 2018. On BWT water+more’s stand C27/D22, coffee traders, baristas, machine manufacturers and distributors, roasters, caterers, vending operators and all coffee-lovers are invited to take part in the Espresso taste test staged by the water optimisation professionals. “Things are set to take a particularly interesting turn,” reveals the BWT water+more MD ahead of the event. Espressos are prepared using three differently optimised waters in a percolator machine with three brewing assemblies. The coffee type, roasting and grinding are unchanged.

“Here you really can recognize what is actually going on during coffee extraction,” says Dr. Neuhausen. “You can accurately observe extraction parameters, such as the flow rate, and see that the extraction profile varies depending on the respective water quality.” So which water ultimately produces the best espresso? At the BWT water+more taste test, even amateurs will be able to find out for themselves!

The ultimate boost of freshness

When the World Barista Championship transforms the exhibition halls in Amsterdam into one bubbling coffee-pot, things really hot up. BWT water+more is bringing visitors to World of Coffee the ultimate boost of freshness. The water filter specialist and event host sponsor is optimising the Amsterdam drinking water on-site and taking it directly to the visitors via its water carts. The BWT water+more hosts and hostesses will operate throughout the exhibition grounds. The extra-fresh, mineralised water offers the best of pleasures and proves how good water can taste. And, as an extra gift, the water professionals are offering mini drinking bottles in stainless steel. Visitors to the event can top up their optimised water as often as they like using these bottles. The mineralised water is the perfect companion to the coffee, for which it is an ideal accompaniment, or a welcome opportunity to cleanse the palate in between the many coffees. Either way, you can enjoy the speciality coffees all the more!

Perfect coffee-making water for all

For machine manufacturers, roasters, baristas and specialist distributors to the catering trade, BWT water+more is offering a very special service at World of Coffee 2018: the filling station, with perfect, minerally balanced water for coffee. The water professionals are optimising the Amsterdam drinking water using their special filter systems on-site, in a perfect match for coffee extraction. This produces coffee water that has an ideal mineral content matched to preparing coffee, which exhibitors are able to use for the coffee bars on their own stands. For many, many speciality coffees with outstanding taste.

The BWT water+more hosts and hostesses will bring exhibitors the perfect coffee water directly to their stand, delivered free and with no limit. Further information on the BWT water+more filling station service can be obtained from Stand C27/D22 at World of Coffee.

Win an original coffee monster!

BWT water+more is bring art from coffee to Amsterdam and to the coffee artists and coffee-lovers. We’re talking about the coffee monsters created by Stefan Kuhnigk. They can be small, lovable and cute, or quite horrible too. But they all have one thing in common: they are major coffee fans, just like the visitors to the trade fair in Amsterdam – after all, these humorous characters are made of coffee. The artist Kuhnigk creates them from coffee spots. Using his artist’s pen, creativity and humour, he brings these brown marks to life. The small monsters now have thousands of fans around the world. On BWT water+more’s stand C27/D22, visitors to World of Coffee can be amazed by them live and in colour, and with a bit of luck they may even win one!

The water optimisation professionals are running a prize draw for ten original coffee monsters, created by the “monster-maker” Stefan Kuhnigk for BWT water+more and visitors to World of Coffee 2018. Signed and framed, these one-offs are a fantastic memory of Europe’s hottest coffee show of the year, and valuable collectors’ pieces.