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Bruno Pignatelli, Slayer ‘s GM, at Host: «Our mission is to Make Coffee Better»

The Slayer Steam

MILAN – Slayer participated for the first time ever at HostMilano, a leading trade show for the food and beverage sector held in Milan, from October 18th to 22nd. We talked about this participation with Bruno Pignatelli -VP & General Manager Slayer Espresso Machines.

How was the Slayer’s experience at the 41st edition of HostMilano?

Slayer participated for the first time ever at HostMilano, the most important Horeca event in the food and beverage sector.

Our “world” has always revolved around the Specialty coffee community and its events. Host has been an opportunity to introduce our mission, Make Coffee Better, to a different audience offering, with our products, an alternative choice and new opportunities to the existing business model.

At Host, the whole Slayer team, from Seattle and Melbourne, together with those of us here in Milan, wanted to share the values and the lifestyle of our brand – we told all this with our style, with the “tone of voice” typical of our team and of our passionate professionals.

On stage, we brought the complete range of our machines in their versions and technologies as well as in their customization. Specially for Host, we presented some models in limited edition created by our founder Jason Prefontaine in collaboration with our designer Christopher Flechtner.

What were the main activities at the stand?

The Lab, our workshop, was the centre of our activities during the fair. Our trainers and educators were available, explaining our products and technologies, to talk to customers, enthusiasts and even professionals who could express their creativity by using their coffee on our machines.

As for the choice of coffees for extractions, our Seattle team brought various blends by Italian and International Roasters. We decided to call these blends “Modern” and “Classic”, both 100% natural arabica from Ethiopia and El Salvador, to satisfy the palates of the Italian and international public ready to experience the new frontiers of the modern coffee shop.

What are Slayer’s current top models?

At HostMilano, Slayer presented the complete range of products, from the Single Group model to the Espresso V3, the flagship product and the gateway to flavor profiling that revolutionized the way of interpreting espresso thanks to its patented “needle valve” technology.

The Steam model also starred at the fair in its EP, LP and LPx versions. Its unique and sophisticated design and exclusive, cutting-edge technologies interpret and satisfy even the needs of the most demanding baristas.slayer

How is your commercial and technical network organized worldwide?

We manage our network of Resellers, who guarantees distribution and technical assistance in more than 70 countries, through our Seattle office for the Americas, the Melbourne office for the Asian markets and the newly-established Milan hub for the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Every region has a team of professionals with a special focus on technical and sensory training for machine programming and beverage preparation.

How would you define the Slayer company’s brand identity?

We are a boutique espresso equipment manufacturer, handcrafting machines in Seattle Washington for the past decade. Driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, passion and an obsession for creating products and tools to elevate the café guest experience.slayer

How is the partnership with Gruppo Cimbali structured?

Slayer remains autonomous in strategies, product choices and in market-oriented activities. While, as regards Operations, Slayer is strengthened and counts on synergies with Gruppo Cimbali to improve its efficiency, both in terms of supply chain and in terms of industrial know-how.