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British Airways to serve Union Hand-Roasted Coffee in First and Business Class

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The airline is partnering with British specialty roaster Union Hand-Roasted Coffee to provide customers with the “great tasting” coffee in the air and on the ground.

Based in east London, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is one of the UK’s largest speciality coffee roasters and suppliers. For their partnership with British Airways, they have developed an exclusive blend that is purported to “work well” at 35,000ft.

La Cimbali

Sourced from Peru, the medium roast blend has notes of chocolate, pecan, and caramel.

A £4.5bn investment programme for customers

Sarah Klatt-Walsh, British Airways’ Head of Product, pointed out how the airline’s recent £4.5bn investment programme for customers doesn’t just focus on the big-ticket items.


“We know it’s often the small things that really make a difference to them (customers). A great cup of coffee to get them up and hitting the ground running after a long haul flight is exactly one of those details that really matters,” she’s quoted in a press release.

Discussing the new brew, she said:

“We have put British brand, Union Coffee, through its paces with extensive taste testing and it works incredibly well at altitude, where richness, depth and complexity of flavour are critical as they cut through the effect of altitude on our taste buds.”

Coffee stations in the airline’s UK lounges will be revamped as part of the introduction of Union Coffee.

The redesign will display the wide range of options and detail the company’s dedication to sustainable sourcing.

In other recent changes, British Airways’ lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick now offer hot food throughout the whole day, with an improved selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, including tasty organic soups.

British Airways is investing £4.5 billion ”for customers” over the next five years. The investment includes £600m specifically going towards Club World, including, from 2019, a new seat with direct aisle access.


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