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BRITA Professional research: 48% of coffee drinkers in UK prefer to sit in cafés over taking out if they enjoy the atmosphere

Low level music, natural lighting, and comfortable seating are all seen as conducive to a creative atmosphere

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LONDON, UK – Since the 17th century, coffee shops have been synonymous with creativity and innovation. They’ve been fertile ground for philosophers, revolutionaries, artists and entrepreneurs in search of company, connection, and lightbulb moments. Now, BRITA Professional has carried out research among 2,000 consumers across the UK which has revealed the secret to how cafés could expand their appeal by creating an inspiring ambience that fuels imaginations and innovations.

The perfect formula for creativity

In a world in which many of us are working from our living rooms, and where many younger people live in house shares with no communal space, it’s perhaps unsurprising that getting the coffee shop atmosphere right is key to persuading customers to sit in rather than get a takeaway.

BRITA’s research shows tha 48% of people sit in a coffee shop rather than getting a takeaway as they enjoy the atmosphere. But to foster a creative ambience, it’s important to get the décor, lighting, comfort and music right.

BRITA’s research reveals that what people are really seeking is all the comfort of home, combined with an inspiring, creative ambience:

To create the ideal atmosphere where creativity soars, there should be some background noise but at a low level (36%). Pop music (19%), classical (17%) and rock (12%) all rate highly, but choices also need to suit brand identity.

Reflecting the desire for a comfortable space to think and collaborate from, 72% prefer natural lighting in their creative space, while armchairs and sofas are the most conducive seating choice for creativity (34%).

The colour scheme for the perfect creative space is light and undistracting with pastel colours (22%) followed by light and warm colours (16% each).

When asked what elements they would include when designing their own creative space for innovation, the top five most popular elements focused around being able to work comfortably:

  • Reliable free Wi-Fi (53%)
  •  Windows (47%)
  • Comfy furniture (44%)
  • Plants (43%)
  • Easy to reach plug sockets (40%)

Creativity and productivity ebb and flow throughout the day, creating peak demand in coffee shops. The highest proportion of customers are most productive as they head towards lunch, with over a quarter (28%) being most productive mid-morning.

BRITA Professional: the partner you can rely upon

BRITA Professional has teamed up with Lois and Michela Wilson, inspirational founders of opulent yet tasteful London café and landmark Saint Aymes, to support and celebrate coffee shops across the UK as hubs of creativity and innovation.

The sisters say: “The British are creatures of comfort and so unsurprisingly, when asked what environment most sparked creativity, the majority of surveyed participants said their home. When we do leave our homes, overwhelmingly, we look for coffee shops that mirror home comforts. It seems that the coffee shop is a sanctuary from home and anything that contradicts this is seen as a negative. Noise and communal tables send us packing. We will stay longer in places that facilitate great meetups, but we don’t want to be disturbed by strangers.”

Samantha Scoles, qualified water sommelier and Sales Director at BRITA Professional, says: “Coffee shop owners have a tough job to do in getting all the right ingredients in place to foster a beautiful, inspirational atmosphere for their customers.

“At BRITA Professional, we want to support our creative coffee shop customers by supplying the latest insights into what consumers are looking for in coffee shops. By developing spaces that further creativity and innovation, you’ll succeed in creating a space that customers want to visit again and again.”

For more information on BRITA Professional’s Grounds of Innovation campaign and coffee shop creativity, please click here.

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