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Brazilian Coffee Industry Association elects Pavel Cardoso as new president

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – On June 21st, after the meeting of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (ABIC), held at the entity’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Pavel Cardoso was elected the new President of the Association for the 2022/2025 term. Cardoso has a law degree from the Catholic University of Salvador and is the managing partner of Café Sobesa, the largest company in the industry in Bahia, operating for over 50 years in the marketing and production of coffee in the state.

At ABIC, he has already served as Vice-President of Qualities and Certifications, in the periods 2013/2016 and 2016/2019, and as Legal Vice-President, between 2019 and 2022.

In his inauguration speech, the new President highlighted the advances achieved by ABIC in 49 years of operation to rescue the credibility of Brazilian coffee, whose Purity and Quality programs are internationally recognized by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and endorsed in over 60 countries.

He stated that he wants to continue this work: “We are starting a new phase, we will strengthen and expand even more our programs and processes, in a broad and responsible way, with total commitment, to obtain more and more relevance from our association.”

The president determined the five guidelines of his administration, which aims to implement new projects with an eye on market trends. They are as follows:

  1. Defense of Certified Quality, expanding the certification programs with greater disclosure to Members and consumers, through the most diverse tools and technologies available so that Brazilians can increasingly receive a quality coffee on their tables.
  2. To expand Consumption, seeking to develop the biggest and best possible marketing program for Brazilian coffee, with its rich and diverse variations, origins, and health benefits, relying on the coordinated support of the Members.
  3. Stimulate Sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility, fostering the sustainable development of the market and of the Members, encouraging good practices, conscious consumption, seeking partnerships for new processes and solutions that preserve the environment.
  4. Contribute to the enhancement of the institutional image of ABIC and its Members, increasing the qualification of the figures and sector indicators, its programs, certifications and services, and the relationship between the agents of the chain, the sector’s representative entities, coffee industry unions, aiming at expanding the membership base and strengthening the Brazilian coffee in the consumer’s perception.
  5. To increase the exports of roasted and ground coffee with projects and effective actions that support the development and encourage the internationalization of the associated industries, seeking to increase the whole chain with the export of our coffee as a finished product, with higher added value, aiming to increase the profitability of our industry and creating more jobs for the entire segment.

In addition to these guidelines, Pavel Cardoso defended the participation and strengthening of ABIC’s Advisory Board, formed by Almir Filho, who chaired ABIC in the 2008/2011 period, Marcelo Barbieri, CEO of Melitta South America, André Maurino, President of JDE Brazil, Ricardo Silveira, former President of ABIC in the 2019/2022 triennium, and Vicente Lima, of 3corações.


Pavel Cardoso highlighted that in 2023 the Association will turn 50 years old: “ABIC has many achievements and victories to be celebrated, achieved with great efforts by the entire sector and dedication of our leaderships.”

He concluded his speech by stating that there are many tasks to be done, but he is confident that his management will be guided by the search for consensus, without ever leaving aside the needs of its Members.


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