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Brazil International Coffee Week 2022 in full swing

Brazil International Coffee Week (SIC) 2022 takes place between 16th and 18th of November, at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte (MG). Considered one of the most important events in the world´s coffee production, SIC is a 100% face-to-face format, connecting producers and companies to the most current market needs and national and international buyers

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SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Coffee growers, professionals, roasters, coffee shops and national and international buyers have the opportunity to take a new immersive journey through the current scenario of Brazilian coffee production. Brazil International Coffee Week (SIC) 2022 is taking place until 18th of November, at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte (MG).

This year, SIC celebrates its 10th edition, as one of the largest global events in the sector and the main hub of connection, updating, knowledge, business opportunities, product launches and new beverage consumption trends in Brazil, with the topic “Brazil Coffee: achieved advances and challenges for the next 10 years”.

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According to the president of The Agriculture and Livestock Federation of Minas Gerais State Antônio Pitangui de Salvo (Faemg System), the event has consolidated itself as one of the largest fairs in the world and the largest coffee meeting in Brazil.

“This event reached to the tenth edition celebrating its evolution and wishing to continue to offer a diverse program with great give-and-take knowledge that may connects and creates opportunities to market and business access for the entire production chain. Minas Gerais State is the largest coffee producer in the country, and SIC connects our state to national and international market”.


“We have reached to the tenth year of the event working on mobilizing the national market. In this edition we intend to overview all the achievements that were made in this period to discuss the current context and the future of the sector, reinforcing the Brazilian role in production, exportation and coffee consumption.

Many companies gained prominence during the fair and are now they are references in their areas”, adds Caio Alonso Fontes, the planner director of Café Editora which is one of the SIC´s accomplishment in partnership with The Agriculture and Livestock Federation of Minas Gerais State (Sistema Faemg) and Sebrae Minas.

Therefore, the event (which had its first edition in 2013, in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state which is the largest coffee producer in the country, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the International Coffee Organization – ICO) reinforces the promotion of business and networking with brand exposure and meetings and courses.

Besides, the event offers to all visitors an extensive content grid organized into three pillars: agribusiness, coffee shop and marketing. Among the topics available over those three days, it is possible to check out presentations about market intelligence, sustainable coffee farming and the future of coffee to highlight the opportunities for the new producer’s generation. The beginning of the event started with the keynote “Macro and Micro Economics Projections”, by Eduardo Giannetti who is one of the main economists in the country.

For Thales Almeida Pereira Fernandes (Secretary of Agriculture Livestock and Supply of Minas Gerais), SIC is a strategic event and the best place to reflect about the next steps in coffee production for the entire production chain. “Coffee is the flagship of agricultural exports in the state, internationally recognized as the world’s largest producer, but our challenge is to go further. The Government of Minas Gerais, through the Department of Agriculture and its affiliates (Emater-MG, Epamig and Instituto Mineiro de Agropecuária – IMA), has been supporting the producers to invest in production of special coffees, which got different prices in the market and a growing demand. The challenge for the next years is to provide the necessary conditions for more and more coffee growers to be included in this value-added production segment, which makes the producer profitable and makes his son desire to stay in the field and continue the activity after. And Brazil International Coffee Week fulfills this role as it puts producers in touch with new technologies for planting, harvesting and preparing the beverage, in addition to approximate the productive sector and the market”.

A partner since the first edition, Sebrae Minas is an institution that promotes national entrepreneurship and contributes to the promotion of SIC. According to Roberto Simões (the president of the Deliberative Council of Sebrae Minas) the event is a showcase of trends and reinforces Brazil status as the largest coffee producer in the world. SIC got definitely a place into the agenda of coffee´s commerce after ten years of its creation, showing maturity and stability among the main world events and Sebrae Minas is proud to be part of this story. This edition is no different. The event has a special program aimed at aligning the sector with world trends and for those whom are looking for technical and managerial guidance, new technologies and an environment conducive for doing good business.”

In this respect, SIC’s successful attractions also return with a boost. The event once again hosts The Coffee of the Year contest witch is an award that brings together the best national coffees in the evaluation of experts certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), buyers and the public, enabling entrepreneurs, producers, roasters, baristas, classifiers, traders and specialists to know the main results and 2022 news harvest at first hand.

Other spaces known and celebrated by visitors also occupy the Expominas pavilion, such as Cafeteria Modelo, which simulates a store for holding free workshops on management and business examples, types of products and technologies for selling the beverage, the Torra Experience, in which experts present their skills and roasting tips in courses. And the IWCA Brasil Women’s Meeting (International Women’s Coffee Alliance), with lectures given by women who work in the sector.

Reinforcing the business panorama and opportunities for buyers and exhibitors, the exhibition area has stands of brands that are references in the market, such as Nespresso, Nescafé, Grupo 3 Corações, Melitta, cooperatives, medium and small companies and also those which are starting their journey in the market and will be able to be known at Espaço Village. These are just a few examples of what is planned for the audience journey, which grows every year.

With increasing numbers, the event went from 13 thousand visitors in 2013 to 23 thousand qualified professionals and a turnover of R$ 50 million in the last in-person edition, in addition to having tried the virtual and hybrid versions in 2020 and 2021 respectively, during the pandemic.
“The market is hot, but not only in terms of production or business volume. There is a great quest to understand the national and global scenario as well as the resources available to attend the sustainable agenda, generate employment and income with cooperatives and the entire ecosystem that is increasingly broader than coffee. SIC connects people and companies in a strategic way, optimizing meetings between those who produce and those who distribute, otherwise would not happen or would take longer”, concludes Fontes.

About SIC

The International Coffee Week (SIC) is an initiative of the Faemg System (Federation of Agriculture and Livestock Federation of Minas Gerais State), Café Editora and Sebrae Minas with the support of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), the Coffee Industry Brazilian Association (ABIC), the Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil (Cecafe), the International Alliance of Coffee Women (IWCA Brazil), the Union of Coffee Industries of Minas Gerais (SindiCafé-MG), the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) and the National Rural Apprenticeship Service (Senar).

Taking place since 2013 in Belo Horizonte (the capital of the largest producing state in the country), SIC focuses on the development of the Brazilian market and the dissemination of the quality of national coffees to domestic consumers and purchasing countries in addition to enhancing the economic and social results of the sector. In 2021, SIC was held in a hybrid format and had 16 thousand visitors/access from 25 countries and more than 80 hours of content and 113 speakers with great relevance in the national and international market.

International Coffee Week 2022

From November 16 th to November 18th, at ExpoMinas (MG).
Address: Av. Amazonas, 6200, Belo Horizonte.
For information:


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