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Brazil’s coffee exports reach a record high of 41.1 million bags in crop year 2018/19

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MILAN – Brazil ’s coffee exports in crop year 2018/19 (July-June) reached an all-time high of 41.1 million bags or a 35% increase over the previous equivalent period. Shipments rose to record levels for both green and processed coffee.

According to a report from exporters association Cecafé released on Tuesday, June exports of all forms of coffee rose to 2.893.016 bags, up 12% on year. Green coffee sales totalled 2.58 million bags, or a 13.6% increase.

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Arabica shipments accounted for most of the exports in June with 2.19 million bags, 10% more than in June 2018, but Robusta exports at 385,000 bags showed the highest growth rate, at 35% over the same month last year, the industry body said.

On the other hand, exports of processed coffee (mostly soluble) were flat (-0.1%) at 313.208 bags.


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