Thursday 30 March 2023

Black Rock Coffee Bar’s popular Horchata Breve is back next month

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PORTLAND, Ore., USA – One of Black Rock Coffee Bar’s most popular drinks, the Horchata Breve, will be back on its menu starting on March 1st and will be available while supplies last. The Horchata Breve made its debut on Black Rock Coffee Bar’s menu last year and quickly became a big hit.

“The Horchata Breve began with an idea,” said Josh Pike, CEO of Black Rock Coffee Bar. “We wanted to make something unique that would complement our very popular Mexican Mocha.

Our innovation team did a lot of work with different flavors and landed on a special flavor profile resulting in the Horchata recipe that our baristas and customers were happy with. So happy, that we are bringing it back for a limited time.”

Black Rock’s Horchata Breve is made with espresso, half and half, along with horchata and hints of cinnamon flavors. It is another one of the many delicious coffee beverages the boutique coffee chain offers.

“We believe what makes our Horchata Breve so good is not only the combination of great flavors, but also the fact we use our very own Old Town blend roasted perfectly to complement all of our coffee drinks,” added Pike.

The Horchata Breve became one of Black Rock’s top-selling drinks in 2021. It will be available at all of the more than 100 retail locations.

Founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, an area of the Pacific Northwest known for its coffee excellence, Black Rock Coffee Bar has expanded through the west and into the sunbelt, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

The boutique coffee chain recently was named the Fastest Growing Private Company in Oregon and SW Washington in 2021 by the Portland Business Journal.

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