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Billy Goat Brands appoints coffee expert Strother Simpson to advisory board

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – Billy Goat Brands Ltd., a venture capital platform focused on identifying, sponsoring and incubating environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) focused companies in the blue economy, is pleased to announce the appointment of Strother Simpson to Billy Goat Brands ’s advisory board.

Mr. Simpson brings over 30 years of experience in revolutionizing the cold-brew coffee market, including the development and formulation of cold-brew coffee recipes. Billy Goat Brands expects the appointment to help the Company achieve the rapid growth of the FunGuys Beverages’ line of KOLD products.

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The KOLD line currently features organic chaga and lion’s mane mushrooms infused into cold-brew coffee, with the goal of creating a more sustainable and healthy coffee ritual for consumers.

Mr. Simpson is the founder and Chief Food Scientist of Brew N Bottle. He has developed and produced beverage and liquid flavouring ingredients from concept and recipe formulation to prototype and finished product application.


Strother has played an integral part in advancing the cold-brew coffee industry in North America. He has worked with various well-known coffee producers to developing new products, including but not limited to Arizona Tea, Hershey, McDonald’s, Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, Wendy’s and Whole Foods Market. Additionally, Mr. Simpson has created a patented process that extends cold-brew coffee’s shelf life and quality.

According to Technavio, the cold brew coffee market is projected to reach US$1.37 billion by 2025 while growing at a cumulative annual growth rate (“CAGR”) of 26.45% from 2021 until that time. As demand continues to grow for innovative products in the cold-brew segment of the overall coffee market, the Company believes that Mr. Simpson’s track record in product innovation and wisdom will be a significant asset to its advisory board. Billy Goat Brands will be providing both capital and ongoing expertise to FunGuys Beverages in order to help the investee business grow its KOLD line of products and gain market share.


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