Thursday 26 May 2022

Bazzara brings Italian coffee culture overseas with a monthly column

Bazzara starts a new important collaboration with the independent magazine Bartalks; the Italian coffee culture will be promoted directly by the historic roasting firm based in Trieste through an online column.

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TRIESTE, Italy – A reason for great pride, an extraordinary tradition and symbol of the made in Italy par excellence: the history that binds Italians to coffee is long and finds deep roots in the cultural fabric of the entire Boot. The Italian coffee culture deserves to be promoted and discovered all over the world. Bazzara, historic roasting firm founded in 1966 in Trieste, has already thought of all this and has announced important innovations for those who are part of this sector, but also for all the fans of “the cup”.

The partnership with Bartalks

The new project signed by the Bazzara team is about to kick off: a column that will be published in the well-known English magazine Bartalks, now an independent online activity after the closure of Coffee & Cocoa International, focusing on the quality of our coffee scene.

The company has always shown firm conviction and strong passion in wanting to convey all the nuances that are hidden within the universe of coffee, and today it opens its horizons reaching out overseas.

An essential and decisive turning point announced by Marco Bazzara, Sensory project manager and Academy Director of the Bazzara Academy — one of the most renowned European academies in the wonderful liberty building Casa Cassab in Trieste.

Marco is also co-author, together with his brother Andrea, of the well-known volume CoffeExperts, recently presented at Sigep 2022.

He will personally take care of the column, as well as the new and promising collaboration with the independent magazine Bartalks. The importance of promoting history: this is an intuition that Franco Bazzara, President of the roasting firm, had already had a long time ago; he had indeed already been sharing extensively about the “submerged world” of coffee and the possibilities that this could concretely offer.

“We are custodians of a tradition and each of us must keep it in mind: for those who simply drink a cup of espresso at the bar or buy a blend at the supermarket, the coffee supply chain is probably a submerged universe. They maybe can barely glimpse some small part of a long and rather complex chain.”

A monthly column curated by Marco Bazzara

A supply chain that deserves to be discovered, made of passion and inhabited by professionals. The partnership, already active today, sees the launch of a monthly column curated by Marco Bazzara, who will share informative content on the world of coffee; this is an excellent chance to spread the great culture of Italian espresso throughout the world.

And this is precisely the objective that the Bazzara aims to achieve by sharing quality content making a dear family passion travel around the world, especially in the United Kingdom but also in the USA, where the magazine has a large audience. The topics treated will be of interest and suitable for insiders of the coffee chain, coffee lovers and professionals.

The online magazine Bartalks is a reference point in the UK and not only for fans and for those who work in this world. It’s a space entirely dedicated to news, events and curiosities in the coffee sector and beyond; this is a world that certainly matches perfectly with Bazzara, which for several years has fought to create a strong network in the sector and to expand the coffee culture.

Many key issues will be addressed through curious coffee pills, information on roasting, agriculture, market, logistics and products. Among all of these topics, the theme of sustainability, very close to the heart of the Bazzara team, could not be missing.

Attention to the environment and people are considered essential guiding principles of the Trieste firm. The initiative comes forth from the corporate vision of the coffee company which sees sustainability — being a goal in itself and a modus operandi, as the cornerstone of a new business paradigm.

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