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Baristas confirms receipt of “What’s in Your Coffee?” Mark and Serial Number

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SEATTLE, U.S. — Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. has confirmed that it has received a Mark and Serial Number for the Trademark/Service Mark “What’s in Your Coffee?” for the use of coffee beverages infused with supplement(s).

The mark consists of standard characters, without claim to any font style, size, or color. The serial number 88191923 was assigned and Baristas has a bona fide intention and is entitled to use the mark in commerce on or in connection with the intended goods/services.

The Phrase “What’s in Your Coffee?” will be utilized as part of a campaign for Baristas’ new “EnrichaRoast” line of infused beverages that promotes healthy living. The infused product line is based on coffee, the world’s most popular beverage.

It offers consumers the ability to enhance their daily coffee consumption with vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, and other additives legal in the states which the products are available.

The new blends are infused with substances that promote weight loss, vitality, sensuality, and recovery from hangovers as well as potentially other health benefits. Some other potential benefits may or may not include the slowing of cancer cells, prevention of Alzheimer’s, treatment of Glaucoma, relief from Arthritis, decreased Anxiety, and reportedly other healthy effects.

Barry Henthorn CEO stated: “We have been waiting to receive our serial number from the USPTO before committing to using the phrase in mainstream advertising.

We wanted to have reasonable assurances that we would be able to use the mark throughout the product line from a solid legal perspective and that we would be able to protect against its use by other Companies in the future.

We are now able to move forward using the tagline and will be rolling it out in conjunction with the “EnrichaRoast” line of infused beverages.”

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