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At Sigep, Bazzara celebrates 20 years of successful books for the coffee lovers

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RIMINI, Italy – From 18th to 22nd January 2020 Bazzara will be present at Sigep Rimini both as an Academy and as a publisher. The first book was published in the year 2000. Since then the books and volumes by the Bazzara’s brothers Franco and Mauro have been reprinted many times confirming the great success they have had and still have.

The trilogy for coffee lovers

The trilogy, composed by “The espresso coffee production system”, “Coffee Tasting” and “Cappuccino Italiano-Latte Art”, represents a real anthology leading the reader into the coffee world starting from the production system, passing through the analysis of the perfect extraction and tasting phases to the secrets of the Latte Art and the Italian Cappuccino.

Moreover, it also exists a new publishing project by Bazzara seeing the light in the very next future

Inspired to the two-year summit organised by the Trieste company, “Trieste Coffee Experts”, the book takes the name right from this event and it is divided into 6 chapters: from the origin to the fourth wave; green bean, assessing coffee quality, roasted world, extraction rules and methods, barista job.

These chapters will be a unique volume in which it will be possible to find the transcriptions of the hundreds of video-interviews that have been realised since 2014 with field experts and representatives of the most important international entrepreneurial activities enriched with never published contents.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Bazzara chose to pay homage to the champions getting on the podium at the Barista Campionship at Sigep 2020 together with the volunteers.

In October, on the contrary, on the occasion of the 10th edition of Triestespresso Expo, the usual Lounge Bazzara will take place.

There, the President Franco and the CEO Mauro Bazzara will drink a toast not only with a good coffee but also with the new Coffee Book: Trieste Coffee Experts – The Book.

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