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ASIA – Singapore EDB shows that Coffee + Innovation = Connections

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When you think of doing business in Asia, the Singapore Economic Development Board wants to make sure that you consider Singapore a place where innovation happens and connections are made. And how do so many business relationships begin?

Over coffee.

If you’re meeting new clients or new potential business partners for the first time, coffee serves as a great sort of neutral grounds for connecting and sharing ideas.

Looking for a way to visually and physically represent its status as a connection facilitator, as well as to educate people on the benefits of doing business with Singapore, the Singapore EDB came up with The Coffee Connector.

The Coffee Connector, which made its debut at The Economist Big Rethink conference in New York City in March, is an intelligent machine that forges connections.

What better place to connect people than a conference?


Many attendees feel apprehensive about mixing and mingling at conferences, not to mention that, early in the morning, plenty of people aren’t “awake” enough to connect until they get their coffee.

Enter The Coffee Connector.

The way it works is that, when two people approach the machine together, it launches a dynamic introduction experience.

This helps to not only serve the coffee in personalized cups, but to introduce the two coffee-seekers to each other.

Being at the machine gives you something to talk about, and by the time you walk away, you’ve been introduced and you have coffee.

It makes networking seem far less intimidating.

Curious to learn more about the EDB Coffee Connector? Check out the video below.



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