Wednesday 17 April 2024
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Arteasan launches new 5-calorie iced tea infusions

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New York, NY U.S. – Arteasan launched its new 5-calorie tea infusions in New York last month, timed to take advantage of the summer’s scorching heat. The company’s new iced teas align with current beverage trends, as the low-calorie and ready-to-drink tea categories continue to grow.

The four new Arteasan infusions offer a refreshingly unique value proposition. Each product blends a different and inherently good-for-you fresh-brewed tea with mouthwatering fruits and exotic flowers and herbs.

DVG De Vecchi

Sourcing its ingredients from over a dozen countries, Arteasan seeks to surprise and delight by infusing its drinks with unexpected botanicals such as passion flower, holy basil and elderflower.

These lightly sweetened iced teas aim to please even the most health-conscious customers: they contain only 5 calories per serving and less than 1 gram of sugar per bottle, are non-GMO verified, and contain no artificial ingredients.

La Cimbali

Arteasan founder and CEO Fernando Rodriguez personally biked around New York City on the company’s branded tricycle to launch and sample his new product.

He happily shared Arteasan’s story: “I traveled for over a year to find the most delicious and coveted teas, fruits, and botanicals all over the world – and that’s what we’re using to craft our infusions today.” Pedaling off, Rodriguez added: “Creating Arteasan is my greatest adventure yet.”

Arteasan is currently sold in the New York area in natural, gourmet and health food stores, and plans to expand distribution in 2016.

To find out more, please visit the Arteasan website at, and follow Arteasan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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