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A day of roasting with Master Roaster Andrea Lattuada

A new process to roasting, Gemma 2IND

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MILAN, Italy – During the Sigep Rimini 2024 event, Andrea Lattuada, coffee expert, trainer, and owner of 9bar, hosted Sweet Coffee Italia at his stand with its new electromagnetic induction roasting machine: Gemma 2IND. After learning about the operation of this new technology and observing the machinery while it was working, Andrea Lattuada tried out the innovative roaster. According to the coffee expert, the induction technology helped him to maintain a high level of control over the roast. Below, we report his considerations.

Andrea Lattuada, as a roaster, you had the opportunity to use the Gemma 2IND at Sigep Rimini 2024. Can you tell us about your personal experience with this new roasting machine?

“Yes, it was a fascinating experience. The Gemma 2IND introduced new dynamics in the roasting process that impressed me positively. The ability to quickly adjust the temperature and the efficiency in heat transfer were particularly impressive.”

During your roasts you mentioned using different input temperatures and roasting times. Could you elaborate on what the challenges and surprises were during the process?

“Specifically, the first roasting was done with a Papua New Guinea, one of my favourite coffees, roasting 1 kg of green beans in 12 minutes.

The most noticeable difference was the speed of the rising point, which occurred at 135°C in half the time compared to the traditional roasters I was used to.

By setting the power percentage to 100 per cent in about 4 minutes, the coffee had completed its drying phase and began the bean development phase.

This surprising speed led me to adjust the power to maintain control within the set time range”.

Did you notice any significant differences in your roasting results with Gemma 2IND compared to conventional roasters? How did the electromagnetic induction technology influence the organoleptic profile of the coffee?

“The results were surprising. The organoleptic profile of coffee roasted with Gemma 2IND was positively influenced, with greater homogeneity and more pronounced bean development. The induction technology helped to maintain a high level of control over the roast”.

As a roaster, how do you think its use will impact your daily roasting routine? What practical advantages have you noticed in its use?

Using Gemma 2IND has made the roasting process more efficient and safer. The ability to regulate the temperature directly and precisely, I believe, is the greatest advantage of this machine because the margin of thermoregulation error decreases to the benefit of the quality of the whole batch”.

How did the Gem 2IND influence your interaction with the coffee during the roasting process? Did you notice any particular changes in the fragrance, colour or texture of the beans?

“The interaction with the coffee during the roasting process is a surprising achievement as extracting the coffee seemed almost as if it had not undergone the traditional roasting stress recently.”

Finally, what feedback do you have for anyone involved in the coffee roasting process and considering adopting the Gem 2IND? Are there any specific aspects you would like to highlight?

My feedback for those considering the adoption of the Gem 2IND is positive. Electromagnetic induction technology has proven to be a viable option for improving roasting quality and overall process management. I highly recommend exploring this innovation in the world of coffee roasting.”

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