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An Expert Guide to making café-quality coffee at home

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MELBOURNE, Australia – According to leading coffee equipment suppliers Espresso Company, to brew a delicious cup of coffee at home there are certain variables an individual will need to master. From the ratio of coffee to water and brew time to water temperature and the grind size of the coffee beans, all these factors combined will help to create the perfect cup. In addition to experimenting with these, selecting the best home coffee machine will affect the end result.

Espresso Company explains that while there are standard recommendations for each of the variables, coffee making ultimately comes down to personal taste. For those who don’t know what kind of coffee they like, Espresso Company says the best thing to do is to get tasting. Subscription services offer the chance to sample various roasts.

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Fresh coffee contains CO2 gas, a key factor when creating a good bubbly crema on an espresso. The longer the beans are exposed to oxygen, the more that gas is released, resulting in a flat and underwhelming espresso. A grinder with quality burrs is key here, as a poor-quality grinder will produce a grind that isn’t uniform, with the bigger particles brewing slower than the smaller particles. The closer the grind is to uniform, the cleaner and brighter your coffee will taste, explains Espresso Company.

Controlling temperature allows you to extract more or less from different roast profiles. Lighter roasted coffees are better brewed at a higher temperature, while darker roasts benefit from a lower temperature. Being able to control this lets the barista get the best out of a wider range of beans, says Espresso Company.


Coffee, just like other food products, needs a recipe to produce a good consistent result. The core of this recipe is the brew ratio. Measuring the amount of coffee to the amount of water makes sure the brew isn’t too diluted or too strong to appreciate the flavours. Espresso Company says this is something that novice brewers often get wrong, making grind adjustments and perfecting the recipe much more difficult.

Supplying the best coffee machines Australia-wide, Espresso Company stocks the leading brands including Rocket Espresso, VBM and Morning. To learn more about brewing café-quality coffee at home and for assistance selecting the right equipment, contact Espresso Company.


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