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ACE by Conti, the single-group dual-boiler hand-crafted espresso machine

ACE is perfect for small, niche locations or professional domestic barista. It is on the market at the export price of about 5000 €

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MILAN – Nestled quietly within the heart of Monaco, Conti’s factory is hand-crafting premium espresso machines since 1956. Brand’s name was inspired by Quai Conti, the original factory located next to the River Seine in Paris. In 1956, post war period, the famous Italian manufacturer Faema left Monaco, and qualified work force (the same period Conti’s brand moved). Applying its expertise, Conti is striving to develop, in partnership with its clients, specific solutions to meet ever-changing needs. Recently Conti has launched its latest coffee machine with one group, ACE.

Ace = word game, One for single group & Ace = As of coffee machine.

La Cimbali

Conti’s iconic five-point crown logo triumphs over the aesthetics of this new machine.

The ACE design (photo granted)

ACE, is the dedicated one group precision espresso machine

That is perfect for small, niche locations or professional domestic barista. Let’s go into detail about its technical features, starting from the Multi Boiler, Triple Heat Zone System.

ACE from another perspective (photo granted)

With an independent coffee boiler and coffee group accurately temperature controlled by its own PID system, supplied with preheated water from the steam boiler exchanger, Ace ensures precision for the extraction every time. Each parameter is adjustable to offer the right brew temperatures for coffees of different origin or roast profile.

Soft Pre-Infusion

A detail (photo granted)

Intended to replicate the one-way pre-infusion found originally in lever espresso machines, the in-house system ensures that the barista can fully saturate the coffee puck under controlled low pressure. This results in consistent extraction and espresso with increased body and better mouthfeel.

Small But Mighty

Despite its compact footprint, the Ace has serious capacity, packing in a 2.75l steam boiler and 0.9l coffee boiler, with the added ability to utilise power management system to increase or decrease the power consumption at will.

Additional Features

Customisation – ACE offers core colours of Graphite Black and Papyrus White, but is available to order 10 distinct colours.

Barista comfort – Barista lights; Cranked Ergonomic Portafilters ; extraction mirror, Shot Timers, and app connect.

Precision, competition standard Shower Plates and Baskets – Machined and packaged exclusively for Conti by IMS, these components have exacting build criteria to ensure an even extraction. The homogenous hole diameter and polished inner surface perforations, help avoid any obstruction during the brewing process, for a consistent shot every time.

Flexible Installation – With the choice of either mains plumbing or a tank fill machine, in the latter, Conti have utilised a professional grade rotative pump for consistent pressure and low volume operation.

ACE is on the market at the export price of about 5000 €


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