SUSEGANA, Italy – “Dreams are part of our life, they complete us. Which of us has ever had a dream and not attempted to make it come true?” This is the concept behind #WegaDreamReal, the new Wega campaign that narrates the stories of men and women that have decided to follow their dream in their search for excellence, creating some truly exceptional stories.

These are seven stories of men and women, apparently normal, but very special in the way they interpret life and make their passion and their dreams become a lifestyle.

Persons that on a daily basis do their work with effort and determination, aiming at constant improvement, without however forsaking the pleasure of intensely and enthusiastically living their passion.

The #WegaDreamers have opened their hearts, uncompromisingly and without filters recounting themselves to the television cameras. It’s now time for a new #WegaDreamer – Enrico.

“Taking a car completely apart in order to give it a new life…”

A story of unbridled passion for cars and speed. Enrico has been following his dream, at one point even transforming his grandmother’s garden into an open air car park. From its beginnings in that garden, today he has created a prestigious tuning shop.

Every car that comes through the main door is unique, and for Enrico it becomes the ultimate challenge. What’s his secret? The first ten minutes, when he and his work crew gather around a car to develop a new project. That is when they come up with their best ideas!

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