Friday 19 April 2024
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Città d’Italia by La Messicana brings its specialty coffees to Milano Coffee Festival

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MILAN, Italy – Caffè La Messicana Piacenza began its activity in 1957. From a coffee house composed by a store and a small roasting oven, today the company relies on an important production plant.

A steady growth sustained by Assietta Private Equity Fund, headquartered in Milan and specialized in the development of medium enterprises, which since June 2015 has acquired the roasting house writing a new and important page in the company’s history.

DVG De Vecchi

With a diversified offer and a portfolio of products able to meet the needs of all distribution channels, the company is present today in 32 countries around the world, from Europe to Americas, from Asia to Oceania.

Commonly known as La Messicana to which the iconic brand gets its name, the elegant line Città d’Italia was recently created. Ideated for the international market and selected Italian stores, it represents a tribute to quality, tradition and rituality of a typically Italian gesture. A unique line for a unique culture.

La Cimbali

Città d’Italia by La Messicana could not miss Milano Coffee Festival, the first Italian event entirely devoted to coffee, from 19 to 21 May at BASE MILANO. In particular, the event is dedicated to those who appreciate this drink according to the meaning of the Third Wave.

For these reasons, it was mandatory presenting an exclusive journey through the Colombia of coffee thanks to the single-origin Colombia Washed Arabica Caturra Honey.

A coffee with hints of chocolate, fruity, citric, with a creamy body and a sweet residue, so special to obtain 84 SCAA points, in other words a Specialty Coffee.

A single-origin that enriches the company’s offer since it is obtained cultivating beans in ideal microclimates with particular attention to every aspect of their growth and processing.

Just as fundamental are the roasting and preservation that together with the bartender’s ability, make this coffee special.

Città d’Italia by La Messicana presented also its Organic Blend, born from a sage research of the best coffee beans coming from India and the Peru’s highlands, it is a blend with an intense taste, fruity, characterized by its excellent creaminess and body, with a hint of acidity that makes it unique in its kind.

Visitors also tasted the Anniversary Blend, created to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, it encloses the finest single-origins of coffee from India, Central and South America.

In particular, it is characterized by its sweetness, balanced acidity and wide body. A unique offer for a unique audience!

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