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ZOA Energy announces new flavor to expand Zero Sugar product line

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WASHINGTON, USA – After becoming the fastest-growing energy drink in the market, and expanding into the pre-workout supplement category earlier this year with the launch of ZOA+, ZOA Energy is once again providing consumers with a quality, better-for-you product and expanding its line of Zero Sugar functional beverages with a popular and anticipated flavor, Cherry Limeade.

The new flavor is available beginning August 8 for a limited time on and Amazon.

The new Cherry Limeade flavor is the third, great-tasting Zero Sugar flavor expansion from ZOA Energy this year. Cherry Limeade joins the two new fan favorite Zero Sugar flavors, Tropical Punch and White Peach, along with Super Berry, Pineapple Coconut and Wild Orange, in the easily accessible 12-ounce variety that debuted in April 2022. This new flavor launch gives consumers yet another way to achieve their full potential in a delicious, yet artfully crafted flavor.

“ZOA Energy has become the powerhouse brand that it is because of our loyal consumers. We wanted to introduce a flavor that is fresh and unique but widely anticipated. We know Cherry Limeade will be a refreshing and delicious addition, as we near the end of the summer,” said ZOA Founder Dave Rienzi.

“Our brand is dedicated to innovation and developing products our ZOA community will love. Cherry Limeade Zero Sugar is an extension of that, as the 12-ounce line was launched with on-the-go consumption in mind.”

The brand’s innovative formula touts 120mg of natural caffeine from green tea extract and green coffee. ZOA is the only healthy energy drink that combines turmeric and camu camu, which includes 80% of the daily value of vitamin C, as well as an abundance of focus-supporting B vitamins. ZOA is formulated to bolster healthy immunity and concentration, while supplementing amino intake and giving consumers a smooth, energetic feeling, sans crash.

ZOA’s 12-ounce Cherry Limeade Zero Sugar cans will retail for $24.99 for a case of 12. For more information, follow the brand online at

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